Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rentautobus really free?

Yes, you don't pay anything to use Rentautobus. When you book a transport service you pay directly to the transport company.

How can you offer this service for free?

Rentautobus charges a small commission to transport companies for every booking.

Who can use Rentautobus?

All groups and individuals can use the Rentautobus service. We provide services for private individuals and groups, as well as services for travel professionals and btb agents like tour operators and DMC's. You can read more about the advantages for travel professionals.

What are the advantages of using Rentautobus?

To name a few:

  • Access and direct contact with local transport companies
  • Receive and compare multiple quotes by only completing one form
  • No obligations to book a service once receiving a quote
  • Save money and time
  • Competing companies know that their competitors are also sending you quotes, so they must offer their best deal in order to get your business

Find out more about what we do at Rentautobus

Do travel professionals like travel agents enjoy any special benefits from using your service?

Yes. Travel agents are a major part of our business and we value their repeat business. Read more about the benefits for travel agents and other travel professionals.

In which countries does Rentautobus currently work?

We work in 16 different countries. Each country has a page with general information about ground transport in the country. Visit here to see the different countries we work in.

In which countries do you facilitate the compare and book service?

This service is currently provided in Spain, Netherlands, and UK.

I want to hire a car with driver, minibus or coach for a trip and need a quote?

Please complete this form to start receiving detailed transport quotes from local transport providers. You can also read more on how to complete the form and how to calculate a rough price for yourself.

I filled out a form with my trip details and email contact but have not received an email for validation?

Please check your spam folder. Please also add to your address book or safe sender list. If our email is not in your inbox or spam filter then please contact our customer service department.

My password doesn't work / I forgot my password. What should I do?

Use the 'forgot password' link to receive a new password via email. Once received, copy and paste the password to prevent typing mistakes. Once inside the system please change your password to one that works well for you . If you are still having problems logging into the system then you should contact our customer service department.

FAQ's about the using Rentautobus to request and book transport services

How do I see what is included in the transport quote? I can only see the total amount and basic details?

Follow the 'more details' link in the comparison matrix. You can read more information here about comparing the details of different quotes.

Why is there such disparity between the prices quoted for coach hire or private transport?

There are a number of reasons why you will get vastly different quotes for the same trip request. The most common of these are:

a) The size and quality of the vehicle.

b) Each transport company calculates prices in its own way.

c) How busy the transport company is on the dates you have requested.

d) The type of service the transport company specialises in. E.g. companies that primarily focus on airport transfers can usually offer the cheapest priced airport transfers.

e) The availability of an empty vehiclefrom your departure point. If a transport company has completed a one way trip to a certain destination, the vehicle will need to return to the depot. That means you might get an exceptional deal if your group is travelling in that direction.

Does the quote cover all costs, including parking fees, highways tolls, driver accommodation etc?

In general the quote you receive should detail all the costs for the trip. We ask transport companies to include all transport related costs including, but not limited to, vehicle, driver(s), highway tolls, parking fees, driver meals and lodging. When you receive a quote all extra costs should be detailed. However, in some cases a transport company will not have completed the extra costs. In these situations it's good to clarify the quote with the company and confirm in writing what additional costs you will have to pay for. You can read more about typical questions to ask a transport company.

Are there any common costs that are not included in the quote?

Parking costs can sometimes be difficult to predict, particularly if you're going to a destination that the transport company has not visited before. In some cases the transport company will comment that parking charges are extra and must be paid by the client.

Drivers' meals and lodgings are often arranged by the client because it's a good way for the client to save money. You should make sure that you have written confirmation about who is responsible for drivers' meals and lodgings.

How do I make a reservation / booking on Rentautobus?

After you've received and compared quotes you can click on the reserve now button next to your chosen local transport providers. After clicking on reserve now you'll be asked to complete the route by providing pick up and drop off addresses as well as contact information so that the transport company can contact you. We have an information page that talks you through confirming a reservation.

What happens after I have made a reservation on Rentautobus?

The transport company will check your request for reservation and send you a provisional reservation based on timely payment of the amount quoted. If you have made any changes to the itinerary, the transport company will first check that the quote is still valid. In this scenario they may first send you an updated quote or simply confirm your reservation.

How far in advance should I / we make a reservation?

There is no fixed guide for this and the answer depends on the general availability of the service you are looking for. To get the best prices it certainly makes sense to book as far in advance as possible.

Larger vehicles like luxury coaches are at a premium during the peak European tourist season from April onwards. However, services like car with driver hire in India can usually be organised just a few days before travel.

Can we pay for the whole trip on arrival?

Most transport companies request that all invoices have to be settled and paid by bank transfer before the start of the trip. However, some transport companies accept cash payment to the driver before boarding the vehicle. If you wish to pay for the trip on arrival then ask the transport company. Each company works differently and there is often some room for negotiations. You can use the talk to transport company link to discuss any details of the quote with the transport company.

Are there penalties for cancellation?

Yes. In the more details section of your quote, the transport company will detail the applicable fees in case of cancellation. This varies between different companies.

The transport company is referring to a law about driving times and resting hours. Can you explain?

Under EU regulations, drivers in charge of passengers must stick to strict laws about the amount of time they can spend behind the wheel. In general this means that:

  • Drivers must take a break of at least 45 minutes after every 4.5 hours
  • Drivers should not drive for more than nine hours each day
  • Drivers should have a daily rest period of at least 11 hours with at least one rest of 24 hours every week.

Transport companies must use these regulations to calculate how many drivers are required for your trip and the exact itinerary. In some cases, companies will have to use these regulations to make some alterations to your trip, most commonly when you have an exceptionally long drive on one or more days.

FAQ's during or after your trip

How can we identify and find the driver at the airport?

The transport company should indicate a place where they will be waiting for you. In most cases the driver will be holding a name board with your group's name. In the case that this is not 100% clear, then please ask them or the Rentautobus customer service for clarification.

What if the vehicle we have been given is not the vehicle that was detailed on the quote or the vehicle that we have reserved?

Transport companies could make a late change of vehicle in order to accommodate another group of customers. Usually, the transport company will be providing a better and more expensive vehicle than what you have reserved. If the transport company has provided an inferior vehicle then you should contact customer service and we can assist in negotiating a new vehicle / discount with the transport company.

What if we decide to make a detour or make extra stops during our trip or tour?

Most companies are flexible about making slight alterations to the trip once you've set off. It's important to clarify in advance the costs of any detours or extra stops. Many companies will offer a set rate for every mile or hour that's over and above the agreed itinerary.

The driver can't find our destination or spends a lot of time getting lost during the trip. What should we do?

You should not be charged for overrunning the time or distance of the transport hire because of driver error. We encourage you to leave feedback about transport companies on our site and mention any mishaps like this.

Can we expect the driver to help with loading and unloading bags?

The driver(s) will normally, but not always, assist with loading the bags onto your coach or vehicle. However, they will probably not assist with carrying bags to or from the hotel or any other place that is not directly besides the vehicle.

Does our group have to tip the driver?

Your group isn't under any obligation to make a tip to the driver. However, drivers are normally poorly paid and a tip is always well appreciated.

How much should I / we tip a driver?

This is entirely at your own discretion.

Does the transport quote include tips for the driver?

The transport quotes do not include tips.

Reactions and replies

  • Ivana |

    Greetings from Croacia,

    I would like You to send us Your offer for bus transfer for 40 people according to our itinerary:
    at 08:40 a.m. (plane arrives at 08:10 a.m.) transfer from airport to the
    Bellver Castle (seaside, panoramic drive), 1,5 hour pause for sightseeing of castle,
    transfer to Hotel Horizonte.
    At 10:00 a.m. transfer from hotel Horizonte to airport (plane leaves at 12:45 a.m.).

    Saludos desde Croacia!
    Dear Ivana,
    You can post your request at our site, GET TRANSPORT QUOTE, filling out the form with the complete trip/tour details, day per day, and our associated transport companies will send you his offers.

    Kind regards,
    Team Rentautobus

  • Hashem |

    Dear Sir

    My company wants to arrange a group will be come to Spain on October .I
    need below request please send a best price

    Transfer between Barcelona airports to hotel (hotel in center of city)

    Rent bus per hour in Barcelona for city tour and visit many location

    Transfer between Barcelona to Alic ante with private bus

    Rent bus per hour in Alic ante a for city tour and visit many location

    Transfer between Alic ante to Madrid with private bus

    Rent bus per hour in Madrid for city tour and visit many location

    At the end please tell me can you help me too book ticket for visit many
    place in Spain maybe Gaudy Park. Barcelona stadium. Real Madrid stadium and
    the other place about your suggestion
    Dear Hashem,
    You can post your request at our site, GET TRANSPORT QUOTE, filling out the form with the complete trip/tour details, day per day, and our associated transport companies will send you his offers.

    Kind regards,
    Team Rentautobus

  • Manoj |

    Dear Sir,
    We are Looking for Big Coach for below Itinerary
    Need All Inclusive Rates for below Itinerary
    Including Toll, Parking, Check Point, Driver Meals..
    Please Quote for the below Itinerary:
    Duration: 11 Nights | 12 Days
    No of Pax: 35
    Day 1 - Arrive at Madrid Airport
    Driver Stand at Madrid Arrival Hall with Client Name Pla Card.
    Later Drive to Madrid City,
    Meet English Speaking Guide for Madrid City tour
    Evening Dinner at Hotel
    Over Night at Madrid
    Day 2 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Transfer to Lourdes
    Lunch on the way
    English Speaking Guide in Lourdes
    Check into hotel
    Free time for Religious Activity
    Dinner at Hotel
    Candle Light Procession
    Over Night at Lourdes
    (B, L, D)
    Day 3 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Early Morning Transfer to Paris
    Packed Lunch on the way
    Dinner in Paris
    Over Night at Paris
    (B, L, D)
    Day 4 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Meet English Speaking Guide for Paris City tour
    Afternoon Indian Lunch
    Visit Eiffel Tower top Level
    Seine River Cruise
    Visit Nortedam
    Evening Indian Dinner
    Over Night at Paris
    (B, L, D)
    Day 5 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Transfer to Black Forest Area
    Lunch on the way
    Visit Drubba Cuckoo Factory at Titisee
    Evening dinner at Indian Restaurant
    Over Night at Zurich
    (B, L, D)
    Day 6 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Transfer to Lucerne
    Lucerne Orientation tour
    See Lion Monuments, See Chaple Bridge
    Later Transfer to Engelberg
    Visit Mt Titlis with Lunch
    Evening Enjoy Indian Dinner at Engelberg
    Over Night at Engelberg
    (B, L, D)
    Day 7 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Transfer to Innsbruck
    Lunch at Innsbruck
    Later Visit Swaroski World
    Evening Dinner at Innsbruck
    Over Night at Innsbruck
    (B, L, D)
    Day 8 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Transfer to Padua
    Lunch at Padua
    Later Visit St Anthony Basilica
    English Speaking guide for Padua
    Later Transfer to Venice Island by Boat
    Venice Island Walking tour
    Evening Enjoy Indian Dinner
    Over Night at Padua
    (B, L, D)
    Day 9 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Morning Transfer to Assisi
    Lunch at Assisi
    English Speaking guide for Assisi Guided Tour
    Visit St Francis Upper and Lower Basilica
    Later Transfer to Rome
    Evening Indian Dinner in Rome
    Over Night at Rome
    (B, L, D)
    Day 10 Continental breakfast at the hotel or Packed Breakfast
    Early Morning Transfer to St Peters Basilica
    Attend Papal Audience
    Local Lunch
    Visit Vatican Museum and Sistin Chapel
    Visit St Peters Basilica
    Later Enjoy Rome Guided City tour
    Over Night at Rome
    (B, L, D)
    Day 11 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Morning Transfer to Pisa
    See Leaning tower of Pisa
    Lunch at Pisa
    Later Transfer to Genova
    Dinner at Genova
    Over Night at Genova
    (B, L, D)
    Day 12 Continental breakfast at the hotel
    Transfer fro Genova to Milan Airport
    Waiting for your urgent rates
    Dear Manoj

    You can post your request at our site, GET TRANSPORT QUOTE, filling out the form with the complete trip/tour details, day per day, and our associated transport companies will send you his offers.
    You can also send us the complete itinerary with dates and times and we will post it for you.

    Please remember that reservations has to be done at least 15 days before trip date.

    Kind regards,
    Team RantAutobus

  • Robert Ho |

    I have received two Quotes from my request so far. It seems to me there is an error in my multi trips. Therefore both quotations are quoting the wrong destination. How can I fix it?
    Dear Robert,

    If the destinations were wrong posted, please contact customer care for Italy, to inform the correct destinations in order to post the correct requests.

    Kind regards
    Monica - RentaAutobus Team

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