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Tour with various destinations and 30 passengers

The coach hire starts on 16-06-2020 in Fes, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: i am putting together a group tour and effectively need thecoach for 10 days starting in Madrid and ending in Csablanca.

I have mentioned all the hotels I am using.

we will also need the coach for 6 days trips.

Average quoted per person 267.67
Average quoted per person 334.83

Offer for a 35 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Cummins C10 (2019)

Luxury VIP Coach, Cummins, C10, 2019, 35 seats

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Tour with various destinations and 18 passengers

The coach hire starts on 12-10-2019 in Fes, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: the group is 8 couples coming to see Morocco for first time. they need very good class of transportation because they going to have long days in this minibus. very impotent is good AC and WIFI also a MUST is good microphone for guide. and off course nice and helpful driver and a fridge.

Average quoted per person 513.33

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Tour with various destinations and 12 passengers

The coach hire starts on 12-11-2018 in Fes, with a distance of 532 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Hello
We would like to visit Maroco for holidays.
We will be 12 adults and we will arrive in Fez airport 12 of November.
We would like to rent a mini bus for a road trip and leave in Marrakesh the 23 of November.
Please advise about prices and availability.

Thank you in advance

Average quoted per person MAD760.00

Offer for a 17 seater with luggage space for 17 bags with a Mercedes sprinter Sprinter (2018)

Midibus, Mercedes sprinter , Sprinter , 2018, 17 seats

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Single trip in mimibus /coach transporting 4 passenger

The coach hire starts on 28-12-2018 in Fes, with a distance of 534 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Family of 4
2 adults
2 children ages 18 years and 15 years

Average quoted per person MAD855.00

Offer for a 4 seater with luggage space for 4 bags with a mitsubishi pajero 2013 (2013)

Car with driver, mitsubishi pajero, 2013, 2013, 4 seats

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Tour with various destinations and 8 passengers

The coach hire starts on 12-10-2018 in Fes, with a distance of 1,041 kms , and a duration of 3 days.

About the group: We are a family and uncle/aunt arrive Fez 12 october, want to rent minibus for 9 seater for one week to take us to a few places around morocco (fez-ouarzazate-marakech-rabat). need quote for mininus and driver or if you have no minbus need quote for driver only (I rent the transport if you do not have is ok)

We do not want budget minivan but good new minibus!

Can whatsapp me also at +6594488825 or email

Thank you.

Average quoted per person MAD1,553.25

Offer for a 7 seater with luggage space for 5 bags with a HYUNDAI H1 (2015)

Microbus, HYUNDAI  , H1, 2015, 7 seats

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Fes coach and minibus hire companies with driver 

Company Vehicles Client rating

Excelance Trans


The local coach and minibus market caters for both tourists and local clients. In general, the newer and better vehicles are used for tourists. They are comfortable and clean, although you'll pay extra for things like air-conditioning. You are likely to pay anything from €350 a day for a large coach, with minibus hire starting at around €100 for a day. On our site you can compare companies like Tour Planning Morocco in Ain chkf, Perle Bleu Tours on Route Ain Smen, and Capital Tours Maroc on Avenue Lalla Hasnau.

Many people use Fes as a base to explore the surrounding area with minibus or coach. In particular, day trips to the green countryside and the imperial city of Meknes are always on the itinerary. Another popular route is to drive through the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert, and then continue the trip to the southern city of Marrakech.


Fes credit: wingpix CC BY 2.0

What to see during your tour in Fes with a hired minibus

Fes is both mad and magical. The largest walled city in the world can't be accessed by any vehicles, so why is it good to have a coach? Well, inside the walled city is just one of the city's attractions. Scratch beneath the service and you'll find that there is far more to beautiful Fes than the maze of souks in the old town.

eco voyages services mercedes

Mercedes minibus from eco voyages services

Fes's Walled City

The largest walled city in the world is just as you might imagine; a busy narrow labyrinth where everyone gets lost. There are over a dozen different outer gates and then an assortment of old inner gates to take you into the city. Each is an attraction in itself and your coach can drive you around to check out those from the 10th, 12th, and 15th century. The most famous is the Blue Gate and there is a large minibus and coach park here, perfect for you to set off and explore on foot. While the souks inside the Old City are incredibly confusing there is one place that is signposted from everywhere – the Blue Gate. So no matter how lost you might feel, just turn a corner and you'll pick up the signposts again. You’ll find your hired minibus with driver waiting for you to take you further.

Fez-Sunset on the old city

Fez-Sunset on the old city credit: Güldem Üstün CC BY 2.0

The Old Fes Forts

Fes's walled city is situated in a dip, and it's surrounded by steep green hills. On top of these hills are old forts, look out points from where the city was defended for centuries. Luckily you won't have to tackle the insanely steep slopes. Your coach or mini bus driver will drive you straight up to the old remains where you'll be treated to brilliant views of the city.


Morocco has four imperial cities and the one that everyone doesn't know about is Meknes. Just an hour from Fes, this city has arguably the most beautiful buildings in the whole country. All artisans in Meknes don't have to pay any government taxes. So most houses and doorways are brilliantly decorated with the work from local artists. Ceilings are carved and painted, colorful tiles cover every floor, and most windows are made from stained glass. Meknes is also a very relaxed city and your rented coach can take you directly to the different monuments, like the souks, old city gates, and the imperial city walls.

Moroccan artisan

Moroccan artisan credit: Christine Olson CC BY-ND 2.0


How old can Morocco be? Over 2300 years ago the Romans built a city on the hills just outside Fes. At one point they had built over 2kms of city walls, but the town fell to local tribesmen in the 3rd century and was abandoned in the 10th century. The ruins have been partly excavated and are exceptionally well preserved. It's well worth the one hour bus or coach ride from Fes to see them and some people consider combining Volubilis with a trip to Meknes.

Cute Villages Around Fes

Fes lies in a green fertile area that ruins all your preconceptions of Morocco just being red dusty desert. The hills surrounding Fes are full of cute villages and stunning views. Furthermore, the winding country roads are an attraction in their own right. You'll see much of this if you visit Volubilis but you can also travel just 20 minutes outside Fes to find charming Berber villages where life is lived in a very traditional way.

Navette For You mini m

Minibus with driver from Navette For You

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