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Travel options and tourist transport in the City of Fes

Fes is an ancient imperial city located in the north of Morocco. It has the largest walled city in the world and is surrounded by lush green countryside.

Souks of Fez

Fez's souks are narrow and bewildering. Getting lost is an essential experience in Fez
Credit Photo: Stephen Bailey

Types of Transportation to and from Fes

Minibuses and coach rentals in Fes

Tourism is rapidly growing in Fes and the number of minibus and coach rental companies is growing with it. Fes is the largest walled city in the world and almost all of the old medina is so narrow it couldn't even allow a donkey to enter. There are also very few hotels in the old city and most people stay in the more peaceful and green countryside around the city. They can then use minibuses and coaches to take them to different city gates around Fes. Would you like to rent a bus in Fes? You can find a selection of bus rental companies with their profiles on our bus rental Fes page.

Challa Frères mini

Minibus from challa freres

Airport Transfer in Fes

Arrive at Fes-Saiss Airport (FEZ) and you'll think you've landed at a ghost town. On some days there is just one flight arriving. However, the airport is currently expanding and aims to be a tourist hub within the next ten years. It's situated on the outskirts of the city and a transfer to central Fes will take around 30 minutes. You can reserve or request transportation in the city of Fes, where you can choose from multiple specialized companies, and you can request a size or specific type of vehicle.

Taxi touts wait for passengers, although it's not nearly as bad as landing in Marrakech. They do inflate prices, despite the official government warning not to, and bargaining for a price can be an annoying start to your holiday. Pre booking an airport transfer means that a driver will be waiting for you in arrivals and take you directly to your hotel. If your hotel is inside the pedestrianised medina then the driver will usually walk with you to the door.

A private airport transfer from Fes Airport to central Fes starts at around €13 for up to four passengers and €18 for up to eight passengers. Compare companies like Sun Transfers, Planning Morocco in Ain chkf, and Tour de Liberte on Avenue Moulay Youssef.  

Fes-Saiss Airport

Affordable Car with Driver Hire in Fes

Foreigners can hire their own vehicle in Morocco, so why hire a car with driver? When you see the central Fes streets you'll understand why. Buses and trucks don't brake, they just use the horn to get traffic out of the way. Cars revel in undertaking. Roundabouts are scenes of carnage, and then there are the pedestrians who use the road as a walkway. And we haven't even considered the thousands of distracting sights; like 1000 year old city gates, hundreds of men in monk outfits, and glorious orange tree orchards.

Hiring a car with driver in Fes is very affordable and allows you to visit both the city and many surrounding villages in just one day. Prices start at €70 for a full day, and that could include going to see monkeys in the surrounding hills. Drivers are professional and vehicles are usually modern and clean. However, don't be expecting luxury unless you almost triple this budget.

ford-AMLOUL TRANSPORT 8 places

Ford with driver 8 places from AMLOUL TRANSPORT

Taxis in Fes

Compared to Marrakech, Fez is an honest city, and taxis will almost always use the taxi metre. You'll find them waiting outside most city gates. The small red petite taxis are used for local journeys of a few kilometres. Taxi drivers will stop to pick up other passengers going in the same direction. The old Mercedes estate vehicles are called grand taxis and can be used for journeys to nearby cities and destinations. The biggest challenge foreigeners face is making sure the destination is understood, as most taxi drivers only speak Arabic and French.

City tours in Fes

You can rent a bus in Fes for tours in the city or in Fes-Boulemane Province. Fes can be complete madness. And it can also be pure charming relaxation. Most people just stay for a couple of days so here is a quick rundown of some iconic Fes experiences:

Color-exagerated view of a leather-processing area inside the medina of Fez, Morocco.

Color-exagerated view of a leather-processing area inside the medina of Fez, Morocco. credit: Torrenegra CC BY 2.0
  • Marvel at the famous Blue Gate that marks the entrance to the medina
  • Head to the hills and meet many mischievous monkeys
  • Wander through the giant souks and get very lost
  • See how leather is made and then haggle for some cheap leather coats. Then get out of the leather market quickly as it has a pungent smell.
  • Take a day trip to the imperial city of Meknes
  • Climb to the old fort and enjoy sweeping views over the city
  • Get very lost again
  • Eat delicacies like camel burgers, boiled snails, kefta tajine, and of course, couscous
  • Drink a Moroccan espresso at a smoky cafe
  • Buy hundreds of things that look good but have no use in your life
  • Head to the impressive Roman ruins at Volubilis
  • Buy fresh strawberries and kilos of olives
  • Get lost. Then see your vehicle in the distance and brief a huge sigh of relief

City gate in Fez

Fez's city gates date back almost 1000 years. Confusingly, Fez has both inner and outer city gates
Credit photo: Stephen Bailey

Bus tour and travel info around Fes

Want to know more about Fes by bus? Read our tips about highlights for your bus or coach tour in Fes:

Fes bus tour ideas and itineraries
Highlights, tips and attractions for Fes by bus

Fes recent bus coach hire prices and cost examples

Single trip in mimibus /coach transporting 10 passenger

The coach hire starts on 04-10-2021 in Fes, with a distance of 532 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: The group is 9 people + 1 guide, the ages are from 55 and 75 years.
For the moment Morocco has a restrictions of passanger of 50%, so the bus should be 20 PAX.
The itinerary is this:
04/10/21 Llegada Fes. 16.55h. Transfer
06/10/21 Midelt - Merzouga
07/10/21 Merzouga - Tinejdad
08/10/21 Tinejadad - Ouarzazate
09/10/21 Ouarzazate - Taroudant
10/10/21 Taroudant - Essaouira
11/10/21 Essaouira
12/10/21 Essaouira - Marrakech
13/10/21 Mañana visita a Marrakech

Average quoted per person MAD1,231.20

Offer for a 18 seater with luggage space for 16 bags with a Mercedes Sprinter (2018)

Midibus, Mercedes, Sprinter, 2018, 18 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in Fes

Tour with various destinations and 30 passengers

The coach hire starts on 16-06-2020 in Fes, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: i am putting together a group tour and effectively need thecoach for 10 days starting in Madrid and ending in Csablanca.

I have mentioned all the hotels I am using.

we will also need the coach for 6 days trips.

Average quoted per person 267.67
Average quoted per person 334.83

Offer for a 35 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Cummins C10 (2019)

Luxury VIP Coach, Cummins, C10, 2019, 35 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in Fes

Tour with various destinations and 18 passengers

The coach hire starts on 12-10-2019 in Fes, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: the group is 8 couples coming to see Morocco for first time. they need very good class of transportation because they going to have long days in this minibus. very impotent is good AC and WIFI also a MUST is good microphone for guide. and off course nice and helpful driver and a fridge.

Average quoted per person 513.33

Get me quotes for my coach hire in Fes

Tour with various destinations and 12 passengers

The coach hire starts on 12-11-2018 in Fes, with a distance of 532 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Hello
We would like to visit Maroco for holidays.
We will be 12 adults and we will arrive in Fez airport 12 of November.
We would like to rent a mini bus for a road trip and leave in Marrakesh the 23 of November.
Please advise about prices and availability.

Thank you in advance

Average quoted per person MAD760.00

Offer for a 17 seater with luggage space for 17 bags with a Mercedes sprinter Sprinter (2018)

Midibus, Mercedes sprinter , Sprinter , 2018, 17 seats

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Single trip in mimibus /coach transporting 4 passenger

The coach hire starts on 28-12-2018 in Fes, with a distance of 534 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Family of 4
2 adults
2 children ages 18 years and 15 years

Average quoted per person MAD855.00

Offer for a 4 seater with luggage space for 4 bags with a mitsubishi pajero 2013 (2013)

Car with driver, mitsubishi pajero, 2013, 2013, 4 seats

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