Different chauffeur driven vehicle types

Apart from having a friendly and service orientated driver, tThe most important factor in your quote is the vehicle. But what's the definition of a coach? How big can a minibus be?

These pages are all about the different of vehicles that can be requested on Rentautobus. In general, vehicles are divided into two broad categories:

  • Private transport – For 1 – 8 passengers
  • Group transport – For 9 or more passengers.

Group transport options

Buses and coaches can be very different across the world. For example, the Indian definition of a luxury coach isn't going to match what a luxury coach in the Netherlands looks like. For this reason, we have pages that contain specific information about the group transport market in each country. Many coach and minibus terms are used differently by various transport companies. To help clarify the situation, Rentautobus has defined each of the options.

A microbus: This isn't really a bus as it only seats a maximum of 8 passengers. It's more comparable to a XL taxi or taxi van.

A minibus: The smallest available bus, a minibus seats up to 12-16 passengers. It's shorter than 8 meters and easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces like the winding streets of one of Spain's old towns.

Midibus: Holding no more than 35 passengers and being around 9 meters in length, the midibus is a cross between a minibus and a coach. The level of comfort really depends on the vehicle brand and the amount of leg room, but you can expect more space and luxury than a minibus. However, it's rare that a midibus will have a toilet on board.

Standard Coach: Up to 14 meters long and seating up to 70 passengers, the standard coach is an excellent option for long distance group travel. They're large and spacious, and usually come with a toilet on board. Coaches vary in size and the number of passengers they can take. Standard sizes are 40 seaters, 48 seaters, 53 seaters, 65 seaters, and 70 seaters. They also feature separate compartments for luggage.

Executive Coach: This coach offers a higher standard of quality compared to the standard coach. Sizes vary from 40 seaters and upwards.

Luxury Coach: Similarly sized to the standard coach but offering a higher standard of quality, luxury coaches are newer and offer better facilities. The definition of luxury varies between countries. For example, luxury in India means having air-conditioning on board, but in Europe this usually comes as standard.

Mobility Coach: Some standard and luxury coaches have been specifically designed to provide access and space for wheelchairs. An elevating platform provides easy access onto the coach for passengers, while seats can be removed to create more space for wheelchairs.

Customised Buses and Coaches

Panoramic bus: A double-decker bus with an open top deck, these buses are found in many European cities and are used for hop on hop off bus tours. Panoramic buses are available for private hire and offer an excellent option in cities like Madrid, Seville, and Malaga. You will also probably get automated multi-language guides.

Oldtimer bus: These classic buses are over 20 years old and have been carefully preserved with discerning passengers. An association called ARCA in Spain are dedicated to these buses.

Cabrio coach: A coach with a central open area for customers to socialise in. They're mostly used for touring warm Spanish cities.

Party bus: Usually an old converted public bus or coach. They're popular with bachelor parties and tour large cities taking groups to clubs and bars. Commonly found in Barcelona and Madrid.

Private transport options

Car with Driver: A popular choice in many countries, hiring a car with driver is different to a taxi service. They can be hired for multiple days and come with an experienced driver. When hiring a car with driver you often pay a set amount per day. There are no extra charges for waiting or additional journeys. In countries like India it's probably the most common form of private transport. In other countries they can be ideal for touring a large city and taking in all the sights. Vehicles vary remarkably, particularly between countries. In Europe they are normally very new saloon cars, like a Mercedes S-class. In India it could be an old Tata with the doors half hanging off.

Taxi: Everybody knows the common street taxi. In London they're black and fit five passengers. In New York they're yellow and inspire wall sized photographs you can buy in Ikea. Then in India they might only have three wheels and a lawnmower engine. In every country taxis look different. But wherever you go they offer the same service. Taxis offer private chauffeured transport for individuals or small groups, normally 1-5 passengers. Their prices are calculated based on local taxi laws.

Luxury Taxis: Every country has a more luxurious choice of taxi. In some countries like Spain this means getting a Mercedes taxi with added comfort and more leg space. With a luxury taxi you're getting a better service and higher standard, but sometimes at a higher price and sometimes at the same price of a standard strreet taxi.

XL Taxi or Taxi Van: Slightly more consistent across the world, the taxi van is for 5 – 8 passengers and offers private chauffeured transport. Again, the prices will depend on local taxi laws.

Limousine: The ultimate in luxurious travel, the limousine isn't just for millionaire celebrities and overpaid footballers. As the limousine market has grown over the past decade, it's become more affordable. Each limousine company will detail the exact vehicle on offer and they usually seat up to 10 passengers.

Classic cars: Imagine being driven through rolling English countryside in an Aston Martin and pretending to be James Bond. Or taking a Ferrari through the streets of Maronello. Classic car rentals offer the most exclusive vehicles and come with a chauffeur who will drive you around in style.

Reactions and replies

  • Mahmood |

    Can you please quote me the price of a 17 seater as per below mentioned itinerary

    Day 1

    Arrival in Amsterdam and transfer to hotel with meet and greet

    Lunch at KFC/Macdonald

    Dinner Cruise with transfers to hotel

    Day 2

    Half day visit Windmill, Cheese Factory, Wooden shoe factory

    (Entrances not included) Guided services are included for the tour

    Indian Lunch

    Rest day at leisure

    Day 3


    Day 4

    Checkout from hotel transfer to Paris by Bus EN-route lunch in Brussles
    (may be 2 hours guided sightseeing as well)

    Day 5

    City Tour + Eiffel 2nd Level + Seine river cruise

    Lunch at KFC/Macdonald

    Half day guide

    Day 6


    1700 hrs Checkout and transfer to the Charles De guall airport
    Dear Mahmood,

    You can post your request at our site www.rentautobus.com, GET TRANSPORT QUOTE, filling out the form with the complete trip/tour details, day per day, and our associated transport companies will send you his offers.

    You can also send us the complete travel plan with date and time indication and we will post it for you.

    Kind regards,
    Team Rentautobus

  • Pankaj |

    *DEAR SIR / MAM*




    Dear Pankaj,

    You can register your transport company for free in our directory following this link


    Kind regards,
    Team Rentautobus

  • Freyja |


    Could you please quote for the following transfers:-



    Dear Freyja,

    You can post your request at our site www.rentautobus.com, GET TRANSPORT QUOTE, filling out the form with the complete trip/tour details, day per day, and our associated transport companies will send you his offers.
    Please remember that reservations has to be done at least 15 days before trip date.
    Kind regards,
    The Team RentAutobus

  • Emil |

    Dear Sirs,

    Please send me an offer for the bus 35 seats (or similar) and for the bus 59
    seats (or similar) for this tour:

    Dates: Arrival Lisbon 25MAY 2015

    D01 - Lisbon.

    Arrival an transfer to hotel. Dinner and accommodation

    D02 - Lisbon.

    Breakfast dinner and accommodation. Morning city sightseeing tour: old
    Alfama Quarter, Tower of Belem, Monastery of Los Jeronimos, etc.

    (Afternoon Optional Sintra & Cascais)

    D03 - Lisbon/Fatima

    Breakfast and departure to Fatima, Full Day at leisure to visit the Shrine
    and Mass celebration . Dinner and accommodation.

    D04 - Fatima/Coimbra/Salamanca.

    Breakfast and departure to Salamanca, Short stop at Coimbra to know this
    famous University town, in Salamanca visit St. Theresa Cathedral & Shrine,
    and the famous Plaza Mayor with its old quarters. Dinner and accommodation

    D05 - Salamanca/Avila/Madrid.

    Breakfast and departure to Madrid with stop at Avila, continuation to
    Madrid. Dinner and accommodation.

    D06 - Madrid

    Breakfast and accommodation. City Tour of Madrid Monuments & Royal Palace

    (Optional Flamenco Show with Tapas)

    D07 - Madrid/Burgos

    Breakfast and departure to Burgos. City tour including the Cathedral. Dinner
    and accommodation

    D08 - Burgos-Lourdes,

    Breakfast and departure to San Sebastian, arrival and brief panoramic tour,
    continuation to Lourdes. Dinner and accommodation

    D09 - Lourdes.

    Breakfast, dinner and accommodation. Day for prayer, shrine visits and
    celebration activities.

    D10 - Lourdes/Montpellier/Nimes

    Breakfast and departure to Nimes via Montpellier. Panoramic tour in Nimes.
    Dinner and accommodation

    D11 - Nimes/Marseilles/Nice

    Breakfast and departure to Nice via Marseilles (short Stop) then by the
    Provence to Nice. Dinner and accommodation

    D12 - Nice/Cannes/Nice

    Breakfast, dinner and accommodation. Morning Panoramic City Tour then to
    Cannes and Grasses, visit the Perfumes farms & manufacturers

    D13 - Nice/Monte Carlo/Nice.

    Breakfast and departure to Monte Carlo for Panoramic Visit. Dinner and

    D14 - Nice/Montreal

    Breakfast and transfer to airport, end of services

    The offer please to include all expenses for the bus. The driver will be
    accommodate on HB in the same hotels with the group, it is our expense.

    Dear Emil,

    You can post your request at our site www.rentautobus.com, GET TRANSPORT QUOTE, filling out the form with the complete trip/tour details, day per day, and our associated transport companies will send you his offers.

    Please remember that reservations has to be done at least 15 days before trip date.

    Kind regards,
    Team Rentautobus

  • Ylenia |


    I am Ylenia from SmartCruiseTours. We are a US based tour operator with an operational base in Italy.

    We received the following request: 16/04/ 2015 - Half day Valencia shore excursion. Pick up from port at 09:30h and back to the port at 13.30h. Number of Passengers: 56.

    So, I would like to know if you can provide us a bus large enough for 56 passengers (plus 1 or 2 guides) or if you suggest to divide the group and make them travel in 2 buses.

    Moreover, they would like to add to their excursion 1 or two guides who speak Macedonian or Serbian or Croatian language. Can you provide us such a service? Otherwise can you send us some contacts?

    Looking forward to receive your quotes.

    Kind regards,
    Dear Ylenia,

    You can post your request at our site www.rentautobus.com, GET TRANSPORT QUOTE, filling out the form with the complete trip/tour details, day per day, and our associated transport companies will send you his offers.

    Please remember that reservations has to be done at least 15 days before trip date.

    You can also ask the transport company if they have tour guides.

    Kind regards,
    Team Rentautobus

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