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 About chauffeured transport in Spain

We created our website with the intention of connecting you directly with transportation and travel service operators in Spain and the rest of the world. We list bus rental companies, taxi and airport transportation companies, and luxury-car-with-driver operators, such as limousine or classic car services.

Although we primary target travel professionals like tour operators and travel agents we also welcome private parties to search and reserve transportation on our site.

As one of the world’s leading tourist and event destinations, Spain has a well developed transportation infrastructure for both tourists and business travelers.

Coach and minibus hire in Spain: 

Ground transportation by private and chauffeured coaches or busses have a long tradition and with almost 4000 bus rental companies in a total of about 8000 locations (different cities/villages/other places) we can say that Spain has 1 coach hire company for every 2 destinations.  Although most of the bus operators focus their business on students, worker transportation (business commuters), and bus lines, in the last couple of years an increasing percentage of them are shifting part of their attention towards the tourist market. Traditional fleets with nothing but large 50-seat busses are being replaced with smaller vehicles for small and medium-sized tour groups. Quite a few bus rental operators in Madrid and Barcelona also include as part of their service ‘black car’ and taxi service. Use our reservation tool to get competitive quotes for transport services like coach hire in Spain.

Airport Shuttles/Transportation: 

In spite of the fact that Spain has more than 45 airports, there are very few companies that specialize specifically in transportation to and from airports. Most private transportation to and from airports is done by either ‘black car’ service or by reserved taxis.

Limousine and chauffeured sedan rentals:

Except from cities like Barcelona and Madrid, you won’t see a large quantity of luxury cars driving executives around. Of course, every provincial capital in Spain has a few limo-renting companies, but a lot of them advertise themselves as wedding-car companies with a selection of classic and antique luxury cars.

Taxi Service: 

While prices for taxi rides in Spain have increased since the introduction of the euro (€), compared to other European countries taking a taxi is still relatively cheap. This might be the reason that, according to the site El Economista, cities in Spain like Barcelona, Madrid, and Tenerife have twice as many taxis available than the average European city.

Beautiful overview of the harbor in Málaga

Public transportation services in Spain

Although public transportation might be less developed than other European countries, it’s still good, relatively cheap, and reaching farther into the rural areas every day.  

Trains: High speed trains (AVE) are connecting the important routes like Madrid –Zaragoza- Lerida-Barcelona, reducing travel time between Madrid and Barcelona to 2 hours and 45 minutes from downtown to downtown. From Madrid heading southbound one can reach Malaga in just 2 hours and 25 minutes. By using these high speed trains, groups visiting Spain can make ‘local’ tours in areas like Madrid, Catalonia, and Andalusia by hired coach and move from city to city in just a few hours by train. No need for long bus rides or getting to and from airports. AVE trains stations are located in downtown areas where you can be picked up by a local coach hire or transportation company. Of course, there is an extensive network of regional and national trains covering a large part of Spain, including the famous Talgo trains. As this traditional train system travels at a slower speed, they are suitable for tourists with more time at their disposal.


With Spain’s more than 45 airports and lots of connecting national flights, groups could also move around easily by plane. Flying might be interesting for those groups that want to tour both the Barcelona –Catalonia area and the cities of Andalusia. The route between Barcelona and Malaga is almost 1000 km (620 miles), so flying can save you a long day in a bus.


If you’re moving between Valencia or Barcelona and the Balearic Islands or between any of the Canary Islands you might consider taking a ferry. Getting there by boat has its charm and is less stressful than flying. The slow speed of the boat, the view of the sea, the coast disappearing and after some time reappearing can create a real holiday feeling. Once you get bored of looking at the seagulls, you have time to read your book and to plan what to do up on arrival. Ferries are surely the best option for those traveling at a limited budget and often the best in terms of planning movements between islands. 

Does your service cover the whole of Spain with all chauffeured transportation services?

We launched our website and service in the beginning of 2011 in Barcelona and at that time our only product was coach rentals. Later we discovered that quite a lot of our associated bus rental companies also have smaller vehicles that they use for airport shuttling and taxi service. Because our clients have also been asking for smaller vehicles to transport small groups to and from the airport or just for short taxi services, we recently decided to include those in our directory.

It will take some time before we can extend our service to all types of chauffeured transportation and have cover the whole of Spain, but in the mean time you can contact our customer service if receiving a quote for your transport needs is taking too long.

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