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West Yorkshire is part of the traditional region of Yorkshire, in the centre of the north of England. It's a region with 1500 years of history and was one of the most prosperous in the world during the industrial revolution. Multi-cultural but also fiercely traditional, West Yorkshire is a unique region that is full of culture and sights. Locals self proclaim Yorkshire as “God’s country” and while that are a little over the top, the area is very picturesque. Most of West Yorkshire is on steep hills and the county borders the Pennines, a startling expanse of mountains that separate Yorkshire from Lancashire. If you're good at English you'll find that the locals have a very strange use of vocabulary and grammar, that doesn't sound correct. For example, “us” means “my.” You'll have lots of conversations with locals who are famously friendly. Join them for a pint of smooth (dark alcoholic beer), a cold pork pie, or a conversation complaining about the weather. While West Yorkshire has many sights, both cultural and scenic, it is often the friendliness of the locals that is most visitors’ highlight. Start here to get West Yorkshire bus coach hire quotes by filling out our form.

West Yorkshire is a strategically well located area and it sits in the heart of the United Kingdom. Leeds Bradford Airport serves the region and it is a hub for a variety of budget airlines. Leeds and Wakefield are on the M1 motorway, providing a direct road connection to London and Edinburgh. Most other destinations are connected by the M62 corridor, a motorway which passes through most of the northern industrial towns. Leeds and Wakefield are also on a high speed rail line and are less than 2 hours away from London. However, you sometimes get the sense that people from Yorkshire don't enjoy the proximity to the capital, and very few venture to the south of England. The long standing joke in England is that people from Yorkshire are 'northern monkeys' and those from the south are 'southern fairies.' Other cities in West Yorkshire are connected by painfully slow railway lines.

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