Tips for Durham mini-bus and coach tourism

Useful tips for Durham bus groups with ‘what to see’ and ‘what to do’ items and  ‘bus- friendly’ or must see tourist sites in Durham. Check our list of attractions before planning your bus tour with a stop or departure in Durham. Let us know if your favourite attraction or ‘bus-stop’ is not there and you think we should add it to our list of Durham highlights.

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What to see during your tour in Durham with a hired minibus

Durham Cathedral

This is the famous cathedral of England and has a beautiful appearance. Once start building in 1093 and lasted about 40 years. It has a very rich history and is therefore worth a visit. During your visit to this cathedral, you can get a booklet at the entrance in different languages, the different parts of the cathedral will explain. Admission is free, but a donation is highly appreciated.

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral credit: Matthew Hartley CC BY-SA 2.0

High Force Waterfall

For beautiful nature, this waterfall is highly recommended. The name says it all; this waterfall flows with violent force and has a crazy appearance. You can find this waterfall on the Askton Road in Middleton in Teesdale. What is striking about this waterfall is that it is located in a forest, giving it an extra nice look

High Force, River Tees, County Durham

High Force, River Tees, County Durham credit: Phillip Capper CC BY 2.0

Durham Castle:

This Norman castle was built in the 11th century. It stands opposite to the Durham Cathedral, on a peninsula at Durham. The castle was built on an island, so that people would see this castle well at sea. The castle is open to the public, but only if accompanied by a guide. This castle functions namely as a university for more than 100 students. Together with the cathedral, they are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Entrance to the Durham Castle

Entrance to the Durham Castle credit: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner CC BY-SA 2.0

Top Gear Karting

If you are looking for a slightly more exciting activity in the city of Durham, then Top Gear Karting is a very good alternative. You can race with real karts on an indoor track. As they are fully indoor so if it rains you still enjoy a great day racing. Top Gear Karting has space for recreational and professional karting. It is one of the few kart tracks in North East England. Top Gear Karting is located at Unit 13 Rennys Lane in Durham. Please note, it is located on an industrial estate and poorly accessible by public transport.

Division 1 250 cc Superkart

Division 1 250 cc Superkart credit: Chris.beatty CC BY-SA 3.0

Oriental Museum

The only museum in England that shows the original Oriental art and masterpieces is oriental museum. It is a very nice museum, which is well worth a visit. Although it has not much to do with Durham but the setting and the atmosphere in the museum are unique.

The Houghall Trees and Gardens

A big, beautiful place you can see more than 500 types of trees. It is also a lovely to discover the surrounding countryside of Durham. This place is also practiced horticulture training. It is a nice view to see students busy in this beautiful place.

Durham, England

Durham, England credit: Stéphane Goldstein CC BY-ND 2.0

Tealicious Tea Room

This cozy cafe has delicious teas and is an experience in itself. You can sit here and enjoy a cup of English tea. You can also sample local delicacies here. They have 17 individual types of tea and serve it in a collection of Chinese tea cups. This cute tea cafe is located at 88 Elvet Bridge in Durham.

Ellenborough Park Afternoon Tea

Ellenborough Park Afternoon Tea credit: Kathryn Yengel CC BY-ND 2.0


This is a wonderful jeweler where you will find thousands of jewelry. Also the jewels are handmade of sea glass. You can just walk in here to watch, buying is not mandatory. It is different from other sites, but certainly worth the visit.

Adventure Valley

This park is located in Durham and has activities for both young and old. They have seven playgrounds with all kinds of activities. It has both indoor and outdoor facilities and is an excellent place for an active day. It is located on Union Hall Farm in Durham.

Klute Disco

If you want a great night dancing, with your group or tour group then Klute Disco is the place to be. It is a well-known nightclub in the area of Durham and each weekend attended by many people. It is possible to sit at the bar or dance in a large ballroom. You can even rent, at a special rate, a VIP table and a bench so that the whole evening these features are of your own in the club.

Before glasses were cheap enough to have in pubs

Before glasses were cheap enough to have in pubs credit: Richard Ash CC BY-SA 2.0
Durham, England

City tours in Durham

You can rent a bus in Durham for tours in the city or in Durham County. When you are in Durham and you like to visit the entire major, then a tour by a guide is highly recommended. This makes sure that you see all important and beautiful churches, squares and other fascinating places. You can also choose to set up a tour by yourself by renting a tour guide. This is possible on the official website of Durham. He will show you that you want to see. As told before, Durham is a beautiful city with a rich history. A tour by a resident of Durham, ensures that you can visit the most important sightseeing.

Walking tour through the city

Durham is a very nice city to see by a walking tour. Several residents and tourists’ agencies offer walking tours through the city and the environment. The city is easy to visit on foot and has many attractions that are close to each other. An average walking tour takes about 90 minutes and shows all the beautiful places in Durham. During the walking tour is always possible to make a stop to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. There is also the opportunity to shop, because Durham offers enough stores. When you rather only want to see the city on foot, this is always possible. Tourist offices offer cards of the city where all major attractions and information stand on.

What to see and what to do in Durham


Because the city is not very big, you will be amazed at the number of night clubs that the city has to offer. There is something for everyone during the night. Some night clubs to councils are: Klute Nightclub, Loft Nightclub, Walkabout and Loveshack.

Business Travel and Tourism

It is always possible to find a suitable facility for business meetings, conferences and product presentations in Durham. There are plenty of hotels and conference rooms available for your business meetings. The website makes it possible to find the right place or room and reserve for your business meeting. The best and most important place to hold a business meeting is: Best Western Beamish Hall Country House Hotel, Durham Marriott Hotel Royal County Durham and Emirates International Cricket Ground. These locations can facilitate a minimum of 300 guests and are all comforts.

Golf Travel and Tourism

In Durham, it can be found about 30 golf courses for both recreational and professional golfers. You can therefore have fun with golfing in Durham. Billingham Golf Course is therefore worth a visit. Here you will find a beautiful landscape with view of Teesside and Cleeveland Hills. This golf course offers 18 holes and is giving you enough space and choice. Billingham Golf Course facilitates all the conveniences that come with playing golf. In the Billingham Golf Course there is a dress code when you visit this golf course. Other important golf courses are beautiful and the Blackwell Grange near Darlington, Barnard Castle in High Plains and near Castle Eden and Peterlee Peterlee. Other golf courses also very beautiful are: Hartlepool, Durham City, Wynyard Club and Seaton Crew.

Durham City Golf Course

Durham City Golf Course credit: Roger Smith CC BY-SA 2.0

Travel and Tourism in Durham

The largest district is Darlington. This district represents an important function in the country. It has mining and has an intensive rail industry. Every city has its own characteristics and your tour with private group transport in a rented coach bus or minibus with driver around Durham can start in the city you select.


It lies on the great river The Wear and is located north of Darlington and south of Newcastle upon Tyne. The city Durham is known for its Norman cathedral and castle 11th century. These two buildings are therefore also on the World Heritage list of UNESCO. The center is historic and has changed just a little in the past 200 years. Durham is the Durham University established for the whole province a major school since the nineteenth century. This city is well worth a visit.

Durham Castle & Cathedral

Durham Castle & Cathedral credit: ADTeasdale CC BY 2.0


This city is a source of peace and relaxation in the midst of beautiful surroundings. The city also offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. Because of its beautiful location on the River Wear, it is a popular place for walkers. Stanhope has the only heated indoor swimming pool in the province.


It is a beautiful port city on the coast of cultural Durham. Seaham you one of the find oldest churches in Durham and you can also find an award-winning spa hotel here. North Beach is a beautiful stone beach where you have a beautiful view of the sea. The St. Mary the Virgin Church's official recognized as one of the 20 oldest churches in Durham. This church is also worth a visit.

Barnard Castle

It is a beautiful historic city to dedicate its name to the same castle. It’s pretty authentic shops in this city and has beautiful surroundings. The Bowes Museum is a museum in a beautiful French style. This museum is considered to be one of the most important museums outside London.

More about Durham

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