During your trip

If you've booked private transport using Rentautobus then this page details what happens during your trip. You can also go back to confirming a reservation or what happens after your trip or tour.

Rentautobus provides a platform that connects customers with local transport companies. Now you are on your trip you should hopefully be able to relax and enjoy it!

When you are on your trip you should discuss any questions or issues with the transport company. For short transfers, short tours, or day trips, you will probably handle all issues directly with your driver. For longer tours you may want to speak to someone at the office of the transport company.

The most common issue that arises is around communicating with a driver who doesn't speak your language. In many countries the drivers will probably not speak English, although they get by with a series of hand signals and basic words. If your transport company has English speaking staff then you can ask the driver to use them as an interpreter.

The arrangements and payments you have made for your trip are between you and the transport company. During your trip you should discuss any questions / issues with the transport company. The customer service at Rentautobus can only provide limited support while you are on the trip. However, we are happy to help out with communications wherever we can in order to ensure good transport services are being provided to customers.

Reactions and replies

  • Jan |


    We are a group of 40-60 people from Sweden who will travel to India next
    autumn. I am now planning this. We would like to rent a bus for 45
    persons or 2-3 smaller buses and therefore I contact you for a quote.

    Date for our trip: October 17 to 31, 2015.
    Our plan: We land in Delhi on October 17 and then want to go to
    Chandigarh (www.wcecongress.com). There we will be on a convention
    between 19-23 October. During this time, we want to make use of the bus
    to be run between the hotel and the University, in the morning and in
    the evening.

    On October 24, we want to go to the Taj Mahal and stay there or near for
    one night. On October 25, we want to be driven from the hotel near Taj
    Mahal (or Dehli) to Kathmandu in Nepal. There we will stay until between
    30 Oktober then we go back to Delhi airport to fly back to Sweden on 31

    This is our plan.

    1 How many hours does it take to travel between Delhi and Chandigardh?
    2 How many hours does it take to travel between Delhi and Kathmandu -
    one way?
    3 What will it cost us - all costs for the bus included?

    Dear Jan,


    You can post your request at our site www.rentautobus.com, GET TRANSPORT QUOTE, filling out the form with the complete trip/tour details, day per day, and our associated transport companies will send you his offers.

    Please remember that reservations has to be done at least 15 days before trip date.

    Kind regards,
    Team Rentautobus

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