Getxo bus tour with boardwalks, views and tapas

When one thinks about the Basque Country, normally it is only San Sebastián or Bilbao that comes to our minds. But this area is full of charming places. Arrange with your mini bus driver to take you on a tour around Getxo (formed by the neighbourhoods of Las Arenas, Algorta, Neguri, Santa María de Getxo and Romo), the coastal town in the outskirts of the Basque Capital, Bilbao.

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Starting line:

BilbaoSan Sebastián, Santander, Pamplona

In the morning: heights, beach and pintxos

Arrange with the coach driver to leave you at the parking of Kresaltzu Street, and to pick you back up at the parking of Arriluce Street in about two hours. Walk, passing by the Areeta tube station, down Novia Salcedo Street all straight until you see the river. Once you’re there you will have already seen the gigantic Hanging Bridge, also known as Bizkaia Bridge.

Hanging Bridge:

General night view of the hanging bridge declared as World Heritage

General night view of the hanging bridge declared as World Heritage
Credit photo: getxo

Declared a Wold Heritage by the UNESCO, the Hanging Bridge was built in order to join the two sides of the Nervión River at the end of XIX, and it was the first metal shuttle constructed in the world. Apart from looking at it from the outside, one can go up to the bridge’s top walkway and enjoy the view of Las Arenas and Portugalete. These tickets are sold at the souvenir shop at € 7,- for adults, plus € 2,- of the audio guides. The audio guide will describe the process of the construction of the bridge, its history, etc. Once you’re on the walkway you’ll have two options; getting off in the other side of the river (Portugalete) or in Las Arenas.


If you choose to get off here, I recommend you to go for a walk down María Díaz de Haro, whilst enjoying the view. However, I wouldn’t spent too much time at this side of the river, since the tour just lasts a day and you still have much to see.

Las Arenas:

If you decide to get off in Las Arenas, take the street Evaristo de Churruca just by the bridge, until you turn right at Muelle walk.

El Muelle at Las Arenas with its wonderful night ilumination

El Muelle at Las Arenas with its wonderful night ilumination.
Credit photo:  susaeta

Charming houses, a maritime club, a small beach, a pier… and on top of all good company is all you’ll need to enjoy this half an hour long stroll. When you get to the end, the chauffeur will take you to your next stop, the Puerto Viejo of Algorta (which means Old Port).

Puerto Viejo:

A view of the Puerto Viejo with its typical Basque houses

A view of the Puerto Viejo with its typical Basque houses
Credit photo:  getxo

This port is a small village where the fishermen used to live when Algorta didn’t exist yet. The bus will drop your group at the parking lot, where you’ll have the chance to eat a pintxo (Spanish tapa), and grab something to drink. But, hey, be careful! Don’t eat too much, it isn’t lunch time yet. That’s precisely what’s good about pintxos, that it is easy to take the edge off your hunger but yet without feeling full. A nice place for this purpose is the Bar/Restaurant Itxas Bide. The children might want to try a ‘mosto’ (similar to a grape juice), and the adults a txakoli, cider, wine, beer… all very representative of this culture. When you’ve finished, you can walk along the narrow and disorganised streets that form this village and go for a stroll down Ereaga Street, with the beach metres away from you.

For lunch the Arantzale restaurant

At lunch time, I would recommend you to go back to Puerto Viejo, to Arantzale bar. Local people come here very often because of the high quality and good value of the food. You can check tourists’ opinions at: Located at the central square of the village, the restaurant is known for its variety of traditional and innovative cuisine. It’s open from Monday to Sunday, from 12pm onwards.

Beach and infinite afternoon walks

The bus will pick you up at the time you have previously accorded, and you’ll have two possibilities:

Ereaga Beach and cocktails at the marina

The first option would be staying at Ereaga Beach for a while depending on the weather, followed by some cocktails at the bar area at the marina. Cabo Matxitxako is a chill out bar which counts with comfy sofas and a wide variety of cocktails to chat and rest after sunbathing at the beach. Furthermore, there are also cinemas, an aquarium, restaurants and a great sum of ships docked at the harbour, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the port.

  Beautiful sunny day at Ereaga Beach

Beautiful sunny day at Ereaga Beach
Credit photo: bilbaoturismo

From La Galea to Barinatxe Beach

If you’ve gorged yourself on and prefer to go for a walk, the bus can drop you at Puta Galea’s parking lot and go for a long hike to Barinatxe. It lasts approximately an hour and a half, and there’s no way of getting lost, you just need to follow the narrow pathway that makes its own way along the cliffs. The view of the beaches beneath your feet will leave you breathless, and, besides, it is completely different from the one you saw in the morning. When you get to Barinatxe, the bus will take you to Indians Bar, a nice place in which sometimes bands play live.

Barinatxe Beach with the walk on top of it

Barinatxe Beach with the walk on top of it
Credit photo: mynakation

Whatever you decide to do, the best place in which to have dinner after a long and tiring day is Cubita, an old mill turned into a restaurant. The price of the menus is quite expensive since it costs between € 30,- and € 120,-, but, again, the views and the place very privileged. You can check the menus and exact prices. The restaurant opens from 8:30pm until late at night, and it’s closed on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

Cubita Restaurant general view with terrace and garden

Cubita Restaurant general view with terrace and garden
 Credit photo: tripadvisor

Once you’ve finished you can either walk to the parking lot or have the driver pick you up at the restaurant, depending on how tired you are.

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