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Explore Mallorca visiting Sóller, Port de Sóller, Cala de Deya, Pollença

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For the ones who are staying in or near Palma de Mallorca, this trip is a great opportunity to explore the beauties of the island Mallorca. The tour suggests a good combination of culture and nature, and provides you with an unforgettable experience.

Starts from:

Palma de Mallorca, Soller, Pollença, Cala de Deya

Travel to Sóller

If you plan to do the full trip, I suggest to order the bus beforehand.  Sóller comes from the Arabic word suliar. Suliar means golden bowl, the bus will pick you up at a chosen pick up point in de morning. After pick up, the bus will drive you to Sóller. This will take approximately 40 minutes, which is related to the valley in which Sóller is situated. This valley is known for its orange and olive groves, which were traded after Arabs settled in Sóller in the 8th century. You could ask the driver to drop you off at Place Constitucion. We recommend to walk around in Soller to watch the mixed architecture. The centre of Sóller consists of buildings dating back to the 13th century but it includes many modern buildings as well. You could walk to the west of the Place Constitucio via the Gran Via or Caller Gran to Place America to watch impressive manor houses.

General view of a street in Soller in Mallorca

Walking around Sóller

Furthermore, you could decide to stay on the main square named Place Constitucion, where you can visit the impressive Church of Saint Bartholomew. The architect Juan Rubiói Bellver, who was a student of the famous Gaudi, built this church. Place Constitución is a square with an enjoyable and appealing atmosphere. You could experience this atmosphere by taking a seat outside at one of these sidewalk cafes and order a drink while you watch the people who are at the square too. I advice to drink a coffee at La Vila Restaurant where they offer specialty coffees in a beautiful surrounding. Another good option I would advice to have a cup of coffee, is cafe soller. A seat at Cafe soller offers you a great view, good tasting food and a good service. For the ones who are interested in the history in Sóller, I recommend to visit the Museu Casa de Cultura. This museum gains insight in to how a day of an inhabitant of Sóller looked like in the past.

Interior view  Church of Saint Bartholomew in Mallorca

Next stop Port de Sóller

After visiting the centre of Sóller, you could choose to take a nostalgic tram to Port de Sóller. This tram leaves from the Soller trainstation, but it will also pass the Place Constitucio. During this 15 minutes trip, you will pass the orange groves, the beach of Port de Sóller and you will end at the harbour of Port de Sóller. From here, you could walk along the habour, the boulevard and the beach and try some seafood in one of the bars.

Port of Soller in Mallorca

Visiting beaches in Cala de Deya

When you prefer visiting beaches, the Cala de Deya would be a good next stop on your trip. You could ask the bus driver to pick you up opposite from Santa Caterina D'alexandria, which is across from Restaurant Campo Sol. We suggest to have lunch at restaurant Campo Sol. Many locals have lunch here too because of the delicious en local food they offer. If you prefer a restaurant at the promenade of Port the Soller, I suggest to have lunch at Restaurant Escanyis. This restaurant has a great location and offers delicous sea food. From Port de Sóller it takes about approximately 15 minutes to drive to Cala de Deya.

We suggest to ask your bus driver to pick you up in 2 hours, to have enough time to enjoy your lunch.

 Cala de Deya Beach in Mallorca

Travelling to Pollença

Cala de Deya is a small tropical beach with clear water hidden between beautiful rocks. After visiting Sóller and its surroundings, you could decide to travel further to Pollença. Just before you arrive in Pollença, you will see the only remaining roman bridge on the left hand side. 10 meters before the bridge, you will see an olive tree. Some say that this tree was planted during the time that the bridge was built and is over 2000 years old. After 1 hour, you will arrive in Pollença. Pollença has very small and twisting streets and most buildings were built between the 17th and 18th century. The bus could drop you at or near the main square called Plaça Major.

A visit to Pollença in Mallorca

Restaurants in Pollença

In case you have not eaten yet in the area of Sóller, or when you are hungry again, it is wise to buy something to eat around here. Restaurant il Giardino is a good option because of its lovely setting and good service. Another authentic restaurant is Restaurant Clivia located near Plaça Major. I would recommend to order the slow cooked lamb shoulder but any other meal would be delicious too. You will absolutely get value for your money. When you prefer a sportive activity during this trip, you could walk the 365 steps of Calvari. This route starts from Plaça Major and will go up north towards a chapel, which is located on top of a hill.

View from the terrace of Restaurant Stay in Pollença, Mallorca

Walks around Pollença

Along the way, you will be able to visit a few shops and see many beautiful houses and gardens. At the end of the walk, you will finish at the chapel. From here, you will be able to view the beautiful surroundings of Pollença. If you do not want to walk the 365 steps, you could decide to stay at the central square Plaça Major. Here are many sidewalk cafés and the church Iglesia de Nostra Senyora dels Àngels, which has been build in the 13th century by the Knights Templar. After seeing the amazing view from the hill and/or enjoy the atmosphere of the central square, you could go back to the bus and travel further to Cap de Formentor. The bus will travel from Pollença to Cap de Formentor in approximately 40 minutes. This 40 minute drive is an adventure in itself as you will see already many beautiful views from out of the window. 

Drinking a coffee in Pollença, Mallorca

The night in Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is also called Meeting point of the winds and is located on the northernmost of the Island Mallorca. I suggest to travel to the lighthouse Faro de Formentor for the best view. When you look down from this point, you will see the sea 300 meters beneath you and impressive cliffs and rocks around you. After visiting Cap de Formentor, you might be very hungry. On the way back to Palma de Mallorca, you pass Port de Pollença. Here, you could enjoy a dinner at the Stay Restaurant, which is situated next to the water. The Stay restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood and meat for a medium price. If you prefer a smaller restaurant, we recommend restaurant Simbad. Restaurant Simbad is runned by a family, which serves authentic Mallorcan food from their own farm.

 Panoramic view of Cap Formentor in Mallorca

After dinner, the bus will travel back to Palma de Mallorca in approximately 50 minutes leaving you with a memorable day full of enjoyable experiences. 

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