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This tour offers you all the highlights of the Spanish city Málaga. You will be flabbergasted by this amazing tour, because of the combination of authenticity and modernization of the city. You might visit the birthday place of world famous Spanish artist Picasso and at the same time experience the beauty and richness of the amazing Spanish history.

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Málaga, Granada, Cádiz, Almería, Sevilla, Córdoba, Jaén


It would be nice to arrive at the La Alcazaba, which is located at the Calle de la Alcazabilla. People who love history should definitely visit the Alcazaba and the established Archaeological Museum as well. The Alcazaba is composed of the ruins of a former fort. The fort was originally built by the Romans and later restored by the Moors. Alcazaba is the  Arabic word for fort. It is the best preserved Alcazaba of Málaga and therefore very interesting to visit! You can enjoy beautiful gardens and magnificent views. Moreover from this site there is an amazing view of the city. Just next to the entrance of the Alcazaba you can find the ruins of a Roman amphitheater. Take a look and discover this special excavation!

General view of The Alcazaba in Málaga

Break time in Málaga

After an interesting visit of La Alcazaba it might be time to go inside the Archeological Museum, which is located at the same site, the Calle de la Alcazabilla. Here you will be flabbergasted  by the complete collection of Roman sculptures. The collection of mosaics is also worth it to visit. After this busy morning it might be time for you to have a coffee break with some nice food. We suggest to go to ´Bodega El Pimpi´, located at the Plaza de la Merced. This restaurant is located very close to the Archaeological Museum.

Break time at Bodega El Pimpi in Málaga


After you probably enjoyed delicious coffee and food, you should discover the Plaza de la Merced. Enjoy this beautiful authentic square which is located in the middle of the city. You can rest a bit after your nice lunch while sitting on one of the cosy benches under the trees. This perfectly located square also includes the birthplace of Picasso, which we recommend as the next sight of this tour.

Picasso Museum in Málaga

The Museo Picasso Málaga is located at the Plaza de la Merced and was founded by the Junta de Andalusía and in close collaboration with Picasso´s heirs. The museum is the fulfillment of a dream of the artist and the result of "the enormous commitment and passion of the citizens of Málaga". For this reason Picasso´s heirs donated some of their private collections to the museum. The present work which is exposed gives a perfect overview of the various stylistic periods of the artist. The collection includes works from Picasso's youth and creations of the last phase of his life as well. A must see for every visitor in Málaga!

Lunch in Málaga

After the amazing cultural experience in the Picasso Museum we would like to recommend a really nice restaurant where you can enjoy your lunch. The name of the restaurant is ´Cañadú´ and it is just perfectly located at the Plaza de la Merced. The restaurant offers delicious vegetarian dishes which you will like for sure!

Ask your driver to pick you up in 2 hours to have enough time to enjoy your lunch

Dish at Restaurant Cañadú in Málaga

Tour to the Málaga Cathedral

After the delicious meal you probably have had, we would like to recommend to continue the tour and go to the famous Málaga Cathedral, located at Calle Molina Lario. This bus ride will also be very short, 5 minutes max. You will be amazed by the beautyness of the in -and outside of the cathedral. The Málaga Cathedral has a rich history. The church was built on the site of a former Arab mosque. The cathedral is also called ´la Manquita´ (the one armed woman), due to the fact that the second tower has never been finished.

Tour to the Málaga Cathedral in Málaga


At the same street on which the Málaga Cathedral is located, at Calle Molina Lario, you can find another hotspot of this city: the famous Museo Catedralicio. This museum full of amazing art is definitely worth it to visit.

Exhibition at the Museo Catedralicio in Málaga


It might be nice to go to a typical Spanish tapas bar which will be our final suggestion of this tour. The tapas bar is called ¨Ajo Blanco¨ and located only 15 minutes from the Museo Catedralicio, at the Plaza Mayor. This restaurant will provide you with a great Spanish atmosphere and delicious food.

General night view of Plaza Mayor in Málaga

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