The Best Culinary Tour in Northern Fuerteventura. Tapas Route Coach Tour in El Cotillo

Discover the natural monuments of the west coast of Fuerteventura along with the best tapas in El Cotillo. For all of you who enjoy tasting traditional flavours and want to discover natural hidden gems of what Fuerteventura has pride in offering, plan your chauffeured bus trip to taste the authentic island flavour.

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Departures from:

Puerto del Rosario, Caleta de Fuste, Gran Tarajal & Costa Calma in Fuerteventura

Playa Blanca in Lanzarote.

Tradition and Modernity shake hands in El Cotillo.

Coming from any region of Fuerteventura or any of the Canary Islands, the northwest coast of Fuerteventura is a must see. With its desert landscape and volcanic background, the route to El Cotillo in a rented bus is a trip to a scene from another world.

El Cotillo, once a tiny fisherman village is now expanded into a tranquil small coastal city that bridges the ports of old with the flavours of new. In El Cotillo you will find a peaceful coexistence of Canarian tradition and modern fine dining experiences. For around 30 euros per person, this route of Tapas in El Cotillo will take you on a culinary journey where 5 to 7 euro will satisfy you with both food and a drink at five select locations.

La Concha becah in El Cotillo

La Concha becah in El Cotillo
Credit photo: visitafuerteventura

On one end, natural lagoons of turquoise waters formed by the rocky seabed. On the other, long white sand beaches with the wavy waters of the Atlantic. In the middle, an easily walkable town where it is rare to avoid the view of the ocean.

Morning bus drive to El Cotillo Tapas in lagoons and lazy beaches

Going to El Cotillo, pack your swimsuit. Everybody finds their dream beach in El Cotillo. Arrange with your minibus driver for pick up at your location for what you should recommend to your driver as a slow drive.

Old harbour in El Cotillo

Old harbour in El Cotillo
Credit photo: sunnyfuerteventura

Approximately 20 km from the closest major tourist city and port entry of northeast Fuerteventura, Corralejo, El Cotillo offers two scenic drives to and from. One, the drive straight through the interior of the island with views of dozens of volcanoes, and the other along the furthest most northern coast of the island. Pick one and tell your driver to return via the other. Both roads intersect 6 km before entering El Cotillo in the desert town of Lajares. Here everyday life includes the passing through of visitors offering the occasional shop, quaint bar, an aloevera museum and even a trail for a vigorous one hour hike into a once active volcano (for the daring on a hot day), Calderon Hondo. If you see something of interest, please ask your bus driver to stop and enjoy a bit of Lajares.

Gourmet bus stop in El Roque for Queseria MB and its Goat Cheese

Before arriving to El Cotillo, signs will quietly display entering El Roque. Please enjoy at the least a passing look of a town with true Canarian charm. So small, it lacks even a bar, but hosts one of the finest creameries of the island. At the hidden Queseria MB you will find a selection of cheeses ranging from fresh daily, to hard cheeses cured for months encased in a rub of Canarian paprika. This is your opportunity now to purchase a true artisan Fuerteventura Cheese, the Creamery is only open until the early hours of the afternoon.

Majorero Goat Cured Cheese.

Majorero Goat Cured Cheese.
Credit photo: fuentepark

El Cotillo Lagoons and Tapa One

Back into the bus, now only a 1 km drive to El Cotillo, the views of the water begin to open up in all directions. Instruct the driver to head north to the far end of the town. Here, a short distance from the heart of the town, you have two options to start your day. Azzurro Chill Out Restaurant (Open from 12:30-22:00; closed on Monday) offers the perfect location for a first tapa (accompanied by a drink!). Dorada & Tropical are the long-standings brews of the islands. This chill out is a example of market fresh cuisine with a small selection of signature tapas. The other, a beach front shack offering snacks and typical Canarian sandwiches. Pick one; there will be plenty of food along the day.

These neighbouring small bite spots both offer a view of El Cotillo's famous natural lagoons. These lagoons, or lakes, feed directly from the Atlantic and were shaped by years of the islands volcanic soil interacting with the ocean tides. Put on your swimsuit; here it will never be out of place. Sunbathers and beachgoers just looking for a peaceful walk alike are caught here soaking up the sun as the attire of the two restaurants fit accordingly.

El Cotillo Lagoons

El Cotillo Lagoons.
Credit photo: tripadvisor

Tapa Two

Here your driver will wait for you as you will want a ride to your second destination inside the town of El Cotillo. La Marisma (Opens daily from 12:30 – 23:30) is proud to have the longest list of Canarian wines in town. Its beautiful seaside view from the window encased dining room or the rooftop terrace is of the waters directly aside of what used to be the fisherman's port. Now the heart of the city's plaza, the deep waters straight to the shore create an atmosphere where it is popular to climb the stairs of the rocks to the waters for a mid-day bathe. Canarian families flock to La Marisma for its renowned Gofio Escaldado con Cebolla. An ambrosia made of gofio, a food created by the ancient people of the islands still widely used in Canarian Cuisine today. If you find yourself with a sweet tooth, search for any gofio dessert on the menus throughout the day.

Playa El Castillo

After these first plates of Canarian cooking, take advantage of the hours of Spanish 'siesta'. The other far end of the city is your destination. Playa El Castillo is a spot to see true Canarian beach life. This long white sand beach daily is broken into segments that host the most extreme of water sports with daring kite surfers, windsurfers, and surfers alike. This vast beach leaves plenty of room to enjoy it privately from both its sandy shores and from the rocky cliffs above. Both easily accessible by short walking paths from the parking area.

Playa del Castillo

Playa del Castillo.
Credit photo: ondafuerteventura

Afternoon and Evening: Canarian Feast until Sunset

The sun is still above, but the heat is gone and the beach atmosphere of El Cotillo changes for the fine dining enthusiast. A long day in the sun has surely opened your hunger for a selection of restaurants to continue your exploration of the Canarian flavours. The food of the Canaries is as special as the its unique preparations.

Puchero Canario

Puchero Canario.
Credit photo: gastronomiacanariamagazine

Canarian ingredients

Mojos, spicy sauces that sit on the table at every meal exemplify this region's reach for flavour. On this tapas route, have fun in comparing each chef's unique house recipe. Only slightly augmented by Spanish influence, Canarian Cuisine is native to the islands, unchanged for centuries, and has influenced some of the great cuisines from all of the Americas, North & South, including Cuban Cuisine, Cooking of the West Indies, & Creole of Louisiana. Preparations include the long list of products found on Fuerteventura and its neighbouring islands combined with heavy doses of a local variety of cilantro and saffron; also cumin, thyme, oregano and a list of spicy and non-spicy chilli peppers as long as wine-making grape varieties special to the the Canaries. Wines include the famed Malvasia grape for whites, grown in the volcanoes of the neighbouring island of Lanzarote and the flame red Listans from the heights of Tenerife.

 Red and Green Canarian Mojos

Red and Green Canarian Mojos
Credit photos: elalisio

Tapa Three

Where the terrain of Fuerteventura lacks the prime conditions for grape growing, food here is the focus. Tell your driver that you have three stops before he needs to pick you up again for your return. Your next destination offers an example of a Canarian local favourite. El Roque de los Pescadores (Open from 11:00 to 23:00 everyday) has a menu of fresh featured tapas along with a speciality drink menu while offering one of the best views in town. The sun moves over the ocean and prepares for El Cotillo's famous sunset. In your company sits Torre de El Toston, the tower that defended against pirates throughout the 17th century along with the boats resting in the New Wharf. You are urged to try a traditional Canarian Potaje (thickened soup) from this menu.

Tapa Four

Next, a short walk brings you to one of those rare spots inside the city where the view of the sea is missing. The food at Acorralado Bar will drag you away from the scene of the ocean to the local scenery of the town and have you salivating over the Berenjenas rebozadas con queso de cabra y miel de palma (Fried Eggplant Smothered in Goat Cheese topped with Canarian Palm Honey) Offered daily here is 5 Tapas & either 1 Bottle of Wine or 4 Beers for a special price.

Fifth and Final Tapa

Conclude your Tapas Route at Cafe Bar Central in the centre of town. The lively street level terrace of this restaurant overlooks the Old Port. Cafe Central prides in serving local specialities of Fuerteventura, sweet tomatoes, tasty potatoes, tangy cheeses; all prepared in olive oil. This family-run restaurant offers big portions of flavourful homemade Canarian dishes for a good value. Don't miss here, no matter what else you include in your order, the Queso Frito (Fried Goat Cheese). 

Fried goat chees with cranberry sauce

Fried goat chees with cranberry sauce
Credit photo: patiocanariolalaguna

Please make sure that the driver of your rented coach gets some food while waiting for your group as driving with a bus full of tourist and an empty stomach is not recommended.

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