Bus with driver rentals in Barcelona Province, Spain

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Going rates for coach and mini bus with driver rentals in Barcelona province

In the matrix here below you can find the min-max rates for bus and coach with driver hires in the province of Barcelona. Bus rentals in contrary to other type of chauffeured services are not standardised and depend on a diverse range of variables like for example: the number of seats on the bus you’ll need for your group, the age of the bus-coach, the season and day of the week you are renting, the number of rental days, the hours per day and the amount of kilometres you are planning for your route. This list doesn't includes supplements for Sunday’s, highway toll, VAT, driver's lunch/hotel and parking.

Ford Transit J2 jaume transfer SL 10 pr-Sant Cebrià de Vallalta

10 seater mini bus Ford Transit  from J2 jaume transfer  in Sant Cebrià de Vallalta, Barcelona
Photo credit: J2 jaume transfer

Bus Trip/ Group size

9-15 seater mini bus

16-34 seater bus-coach

35-60 seater bus-coach

Beautiful villages of Barcelona – 9 hour tour visiting: Bagá,  Cardona, Granera and Castellar de Nuch

€ 400-500

€ 510-600

€ 520-680

Barcelona - 8 hour bus tour visiting the villages of: Santa Coloma de Cervelló,  El Puig de La Balma, Mura, Rupit and Pruït

€ 370-500

€ 420-510

€ 500-680

Barcelona – private bus transfer to Tarragona, 1:20 hs

€ 180-375

€ 380-500

€ 400-550

Barcelona - prívate bus transfer to Castellón, 3 hs

€ 500-900

€ 600-880

€ 500-990

Barcelona – transfer to Teruel, 4:30 hs

€ 800-1200

€ 820-1250

€ 900-1300

Barcelona - Zaragoza, private transfer 3 hs

€ 520-600

€ 700-1000

€ 900-1100

Barcelona – Huesca transfer 3 hs

€ 450-750

€ 600-950

€ 800-1100

Barcelona - Lérida, 2:30 hs transfer

€ 280-450

€ 400-620

€ 450-780

Barcelona - Girona, transfer 1:30 hs

€ 200-410

€ 300-450

€ 450-670

Barcelona – Andora, 2:30 hs transfer

€ 610-660

€ 500-700

€ 720-800

Barcelona - Madrid, a 6-7 hs bus transfer

€ 1000-1700

€ 1300-1800

€ 1820-1900

Barcelona - transfer to Bilbao (Vizcaya), 5:30 6:30 hs by bus

€ 1000-1700

€ 1300-1800

€ 1820-1900

Barcelona - transfer to Málaga, 9:30 -12:00 hs

€ 1600-2000

€ 2100-3300

€ 3100-3500

Barcelona - Perpiñán, France  bus transfer, 2:30 hs

€ 350-680

€ 450-700

€ 720-900

Extra hours bus driver

€ 25-50

€ 25-50

€ 25-50

Extra kilometres

€ 1,20-1,50

€ 1,20-1,50

€ 1,20-1,50


Transbuca 55 seater tourist bus coach (Volvo B12) in Barcelona Airport
Photo credit: Transbuca

Mercedes Sprinter 412 de 16 plazas CarVan

16 seater - mini bus Mercedes Sprinter 412 from CarVan Bus  in Barbera del Valles, Barcelona
Photo credit: CarVan Bus 

Transport for groups and bus rentals around Barcelona province

If you travel to the Barcelona province with a group by plane, you will likely land on the El Prat de Llobregat Airport in this province.  Probably you have made bus rental arrangements to your final destination, for example: Barcelona city, Sitges, Castelldefels, Badalona, Vilanova, Calafell, Blanes  or any other of the multiple beach towns in this province. There are many chauffeured bus, minibus or motor coach hire companies with driver to choose from in the Barcelona province

Barcelona Province video bus and coach tour

Cities in Barcelona Province with bus and coach rental services

Mini bus and coach tour suggestions in Barcelona Province

Minibus and bus coach hire with driver services in Barcelona Province

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