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Mini bus with driver and coach hire, Barcelona’s going rates

For a 50 seater bus or coach hire with driver in Barcelona one would pay on average around €350, to €550 for an 8 or 9 hours day with a maximum of 200 kilometers included. Prices for bus and coach hires vary according to season, age of the bus and the occupation rates of the bus fleets. Very roughly one could say that for a 1 day bus or coach hire with driver you would pay between € 275,- and € 500,- depending variables like the number of seats on the vehicle, the age of the vehicle, the facilities it has, the total number of days you would hire it, the season and the amount of kilometers you would need to drive. This list don't include driver's lunch, parking and toll.

Autocar Clase VIP Fiat Ducato taxis codina

Interior of a 11 seater VIP mini bus Fiat Ducato from Taxis Codina in Gregal
Photo credit: Taxis Codina

Bus trip / number of seats >







Autobús 16-34 seats


35 a 60 seats

Barcelona - 4 hours with 100 kilometers incluided

€ 150-200

€ 200-220

€ 230-440

€ 240-500

Barcelona - 8 horas with 200 kilometers incluided

€ 250-300

€ 300-330

€ 340-500

€ 350-550

Extra hours of bus and driver

€ 20-40

€ 25-45

€ 25-55

€ 25-60

Extra kilometers

€ 1-1.10/km

€ 1.10-1.20/km

€ 1.10-1.30/km

€ 1.20-1.40/km

Barcelona visit of ‘Vall de Sau Collsacabra’-  6 hours

€ 250-350

€ 300-380

€ 450-610

€ 550-650

Barcelona -  Tres Micos beach  4 hours

€ 300-350

€ 350-400

€ 400-440

€ 450-500

Barcelona –  visit Cataluña  7 hours

€ 300-350

€ 350-400

€ 400-440

€ 450-500

Barcelona -  visit to the Sagrada Familia  3 hours

€ 150-200

€ 200-220

€ 375-400

€ 240-440

Barcelona – half day tour of the Costa Brava

€ 200-300

€ 300-350

€ 360-440

€ 370-500

Barcelona –  visit to Castellfollit de la Roca 6 hours

€ 200-250

€ 250-300

€ 310-550

€ 320-660

Barcelona - Penedés wine tour  5 hours

€ 200-250

€ 300-350

€ 310-440

€ 320-500

Barcelona -  visit the Montserrat monastery  4 hours

€ 200-250

€ 300-350

€ 320-440

€ 340-500

Barcelona -  visit Andorra   11 hours

€ 400-500

€ 550-770

€ 620-800

€ 640-900

Barcelona – bus day tour  incluiding Parque Güell, La Pedrera and Casa Batlló   7 hours

€ 200-300

€ 300-350

€ 340-450

€ 350-500

Barcelona –  visit of Narbona and Carcasona (Francia)   11 hours

€ 500-700

€ 700-900

€ 900-1200

€ 1220-1350

Barcelona –  visit Huesca   8 hours

€ 600-650

€ 650-800

€ 800-1000

€ 1100-1300

Barcelona –  visit to Zaragoza   10:30 hours

€ 500-700

€ 700-900

€ 900-1200

€ 1220-1350

Barcelona – Valencia day trip   11 hours

€ 800-1000

€ 1000-1200

€ 1320-1400

€ 1350-1500

Barcelona - Platja d'Aro 2 transfer morning-afternoon

€ 250-300

€ 300-350

€ 360-550

€ 370-660

Barcelona – wine tour to Montserrat, Sitges and Torres    11 hours

€ 350-450

€ 450-500

€ 480-550

€ 520-620

Barcelona – bus day trip to Girona, Figueres and Dalí Museum  10 hours

€ 300-400

€ 340-440

€ 450-610

€ 460-660

Barcelona –visit the medieval villages  10 hours

€ 250-350

€ 350-420

€ 410-450

€ 420-550

Barcelona – Tibidabo parc with 2 transfers

€ 150-200

€ 150-220

€ 230-440

€ 250-500

Barcelona –  visit Port Aventura  2 transfers

€ 250-350

€ 300-450

€ 450-620

€ 460-660

If you need a large vehicle like a motor coach or minibus for your group, you can just indicate that on our bus rental quote form.

Autocares Brisa Bus Volvo Irizar 45

Between palms ...45 seater Volvo Irizar from BrisaBus in Barcelona city
Photo credit: BrisaBus

Autocares Aisamar S.L. Autocar Ejecutivo 55 VSF IRIZAR I6

55 seater VSF Irizar I6, executive coach from Autocares Aisamar  in Carrer de Sant Ramon
Photo credit: Autocares Aisamar 

Transfers Soberti Minibús Mercedes Sprinter 20

Transfers Soberti  20 seater mini bus Mercedes Sprinter in Barcelona city with extra luggage/ski box.
Photo credit: Transfers Soberti

Availability and scarcity in Barcelona for coach hires

As the city and surroundings of Barcelona are both a holiday as business tourism destination the high season is longer than in other cities around Spain.

Coach hire in Barcelona during Januray-February and since April

Consider the month of January and February very low season in Barcelona as in other Spanish cities. March could be called Mid-season and if Easter is late you could include April to mid-season as well. Expect scarcity and to pay top rates in the weeks before Easter and this high season continues for 6 months.

High Season since September

After a slight drop in August Barcelona has a high peak for congresses and business tourism in September and you can expect scarcity again for that month. October is medium high and November till the 1st week of December are medium again but expect another period of scarcity in the weeks before Christmas due to company outings . Planning your day trips or tours in the quiet weeks can easily save you up to 30-40% compared with high season.

Minibus rental in Barcelona gives more freedom than coach hire

If your plan is to cruise the narrow streets of the old city center of Barcelona a 20-25 seater minibus rental might be a better plan than to have a large 50 seater coach. Consider splitting your group in 2 parts to allow more flexibility in driving, choosing different routes and parking.

As there is so much to see for tourist groups in Barcelona city and its surroundings choosing between all options might be a tough task and even create disagreement within your group. Offering 2 or multiple routes for day trips might be a good solution so respond to all sub-groups within your group.

Minibus rental in Barcelona for coast and beach tours

Although the highway system around Barcelona is in very good shape the main roads are inland and do not follow the scenic coastal route which connects Barcelona with the beautiful villages like Palamos, L’Escala and Cadaques.  The more closer you want to drive to the coast the smaller the vehicle must be. Therefor a minibus rental in Barcelona is a better way to enjoy the more remote areas and small ‘calas’ (beaches) which are very hard to access with a big bus. If you plan to do cost trip in order to find quiet and remote beaches please specific about it with your minibus rental company because they can advise you best about which beaches are accessible and which are not.

Trust your minibus rental Barcelona and coach operator

Your Barcelona coach hire company will know various routes to drive you and your group along all mayor sites in this city. Make sure to adapt the Barcelona day trip to the interest of the group by checking before you plan. Not all tourists are fan of Mr Pablo Picasso’s paintings or fond on the Tibidabo’s attraction park rollercoasters. Make a priority list with a separation between what must or should be seen and visited during you Barcelona bus tour

Parking the mini bus or coach in Barcelona

When touring from another city with a group on a bus, the bus rental company should make arrangements with the hotel as to where to park the bus.

Although parking a bus or coach in front of a hotel is normally not permitted, you can ask the bus driver to drop your group and their luggage off at the main entrance. Depending on the size and type of hotel you have reserved, there may be luggage porters or concierges to take care of your bags. Some hotels or hostels don't have concierges or luggage porters but do have luggage carts which clients can use. If you are carrying a lot of luggage without wheels, then check with your hotel before you book to see if they can accommodate you.

Bus tour and travel info around Barcelona

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Barcelona recent bus coach hire prices and cost examples

Return trip by bus coachwith 13 passengers

The coach hire starts on 20-06-2019 in Barcelona, with a distance of 165 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Estoy interesado en el mejor precio para transporte a la feria textil ITMA de Barcelona.
Poco equipaje.

Average quoted per person 29.45

Offer for a 13 seater with luggage space for 13 bags with a Renault Master (2016)

Microbus, Renault , Master, 2016, 13 seats

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Return trip by bus coachwith 14 passengers

The coach hire starts on 19-08-2019 in Barcelona, with a distance of 308 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: Group of Polish parachuters going for 6 days vacation to jump and relax at the coast of sea. Age 25-40

Average quoted per person 66.79

Offer for a 19 seater with luggage space for 19 bags with a MERCEDES SPRITER (2019)

Minibus , MERCEDES, SPRITER, 2019, 19 seats

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Return trip by bus coachwith 16 passengers

The coach hire starts on 20-07-2019 in Barcelona, with a distance of 500 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: somos un grupo de moñtaña de la uec prat el motivo es una excursion al Canigo ,necesitamos que nos lleveis y nos recogais al dia siguiente , somos un grupo de 25 a 60 años y algun niño,. aproveho para que me hagais la misma valoracion con un grupo de 22 y 31 personas , que pudiera ser . gracias espero vuestra valoracion o cualquier duda llamarme . gracias

Average quoted per person 55.00

Offer for a 17 seater with luggage space for 15 bags with a Ford Transit (2018)

Minibus , Ford , Transit, 2018, 17 seats
Average quoted per person 96.25

Offer for a 36 seater with luggage space for 36 bags with a SETRA - MERCEDES HD-511 (2016)

Midibus, SETRA - MERCEDES, HD-511, 2016, 36 seats

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Return trip by bus coachwith 10 passengers

The coach hire starts on 04-10-2019 in Barcelona, with a distance of 538 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: Somos un grupo de 10 personas que vamos a coger el avión con destino a Italia, para realizar un viaje de 6 días. Las edades oscilan entre 60-70 años aproximadamente.

Average quoted per person 132.00

Offer for a 17 seater with luggage space for 17 bags with a Mercedes Sprinter Special Line (2014)

Minibus , Mercedes Sprinter, Special Line, 2014, 17 seats

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Return trip by bus coachwith 10 passengers

The coach hire starts on 15-06-2019 in Barcelona, with a distance of 175 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: Un traslado al mejor precio, el más economico

Average quoted per person 47.30

Offer for a 17 seater with luggage space for 15 bags with a Ford Transit (2018)

Minibus , Ford , Transit, 2018, 17 seats

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Mini bus, coach hire and transfer reviews and ratings in Barcelona

Average rating of 4.76 /5 for 30 mini bus, coach hire and transfer companies based on 592 reviews

Average daily rental prices for bus and coach hires in Barcelona
Average lowest daily rental price 912.80
Average highest daily rental price 1,367.19

Latest coach hire and transfer ratings in this city

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    • Transbuca

       Rating by from Spain


       Rating by from United States


       Rating by from Spain

      El servicio ha ido muy bien. Han sido muy amables y pacientes. Han aceptado bien los cambios y nos han ayudado en todo lo que han podido.

Latest clients compliments to the driver received in this city

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    Muy amables los dos (de ida y vuelta). Un placer!

  • Transbuca

    The driver was een pretty nice guy, who spoke good English. Though, there were definitely some huge negative sides.
    The coach arrived about 5 minutes late, which was not too punctual on what we had agreed on, but it was not too big a problem either.
    We were loading the luggage-compartment, and I was the last one to put my backpack in. We all entered the bus and started driving, pretty cheerfully, since we were finally going to the airport to go back home, after a long and tiring week. After about 200 meters of driving, somebody sitting in a window seat looked outside and shouted that he saw the door of the luggage-compartment closing. That would have meant, that it had not been closed during the first 200 meters. The bus driver stopped the coach, and I went outside to check on the luggage. Everything was still there, except for my backpack. I ran back like the wind, and found my luggage, being fallen out, on the sidewalk next to our pick up point of a couple of minutes earlier. I was pretty glad I found my backpack. The bus driver, though, kept defending himself by saying that it was not even possible to drive without the gate being closed, which was obviously not true, since the people on the window side saw the whole thing happening. I did not really care anymore, so I just smiled and nodded. We checked whether the gate would close properly this time, and after that happened, we could finally drive on to the airport.


    The driver was super nice. He was happy and drove us exactly to the best drop off spot to start our Montserrat hikes.
    No negative things at all!

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