Tour by minibus to the Modernist architecture of Barcelona (day 1)

This tour in a rental coach or minibus is made for those who come to Barcelona to admire its modern architectural works.

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If there is a city beloved by architects and students of architecture from all over the world, then it is without a doubt the Catalan capital Barcelona. In this tour with a minibus and driver through the city, you can enjoy some of the architectural jewels of the current known as Modernism. Specially spent a day tour for seeing the art of its most important architect, Antoni Gaudí. Save some days also for other architects and geniuses of the era such as Puig i Cadafalch or Domenech and Montaner. Some of the emblematic buildings that you can visit on this route are la Pedrera, Casa Batlló or Casa Vicenç, and palaces as the Palau de la Música or Palau Güell. At the end of this tour you will understand better why architecture students from all over the world visit Barcelona again and again.

Departures from:

Barcelona, Girona, LLeida, Sitges.

If you come from out of town with a rented bus, you may want you to have breakfast first before embarking on the path of modernist architecture. A good place to do so in the heart of the city is the bar called 100 Montaditos, where you can enjoy a very Spanish mini snack and at a great price, 1 euro per piece!

People enjoying the 100 Mondaditos menu

People enjoying the 100 Montaditos menu
Photo credit: gasteizhoy

First part of this Barcelona architect day trip: Gaudí

What can one say about one of the most famous architects of history, and also more peculiar, that has not already been said. It is the most important figure of the artistic movement known as Modernism, which was a revolution for architecture.

La Pedrera or Casa Milà

The first stop that is a must on this tour by minibus to Barcelona is the famous Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera (The Quarry) by its shapes that resemble the rocks of a seascape. The curved and wavy shapes are a main feature in Gaudí and Modernism, and reach its maximum expression in this magic façade. The forge on the balconies is also typical of this movement, but the brilliant architect of Reus’s design provides a higher degree of art. The interior of the building is as suggestive as its exterior, since it is designed to make the light enter from absolutely everywhere. It created a brightness that was never seen before in a Barcelona building.

La Pedrera and its wavy façade

La Pedrera and its wavy façade.
Photo credit: buffton

No bus needed to visit the Casa Batlló

You will not need to get on the bus again to visit another wonder of Gaudí that has made him famous, the Casa Batlló, which is located 200 metres from la Pedrera. As in the case of the Casa Milà, you cannot miss the incredible inside of this building, since it is almost more worthy to admire than the facade.

A tale house, the Casa Batlló

A tale house, the Casa Batlló.
Photo credit: staybarcelonaapartments.

The sumptuous interior of the Casa Batlló. Without a doubt, only the richest people could live there!

The sumptuous interior of the Casa Batlló. Without a doubt, only the richest people could live there!
Photo credit: srealty

Eating and digesting in a Modernist environment      

Although you have come to Barcelona mainly for the Modernist architecture, this does not mean that you have to eat a snack in the bus. Depending on your pocket I recommend the Restaurant Tenorio, in Paseo de Gracia, very close to the works of Gaudí, or the Restaurant Siete Puertas, to taste one of the oldest and most delicious paellas in the city.

General view restaurant Siete Puertas and gallery

General view restaurant Siete Puertas and gallery
Photo credit: tripadvisor

How to reach the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia by bus

It will be difficult to park the minibus near this main attraction, perhaps the most famous in Barcelona. Due to the large traffic of buses and coaches around this building the access for coaches is very restricted but surely your driver will know how to get as near as possible. 15 minutes by minibus from the Casa Batlló is the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. The construction of this temple, known around the world, began in 1882 and Gaudi worked on it until his death in 1926. Different architects have continued this opera magna, funded solely from donations, but still unfinished it is one of the most impressive cathedrals in the world. The guided tour is really worth, since the interior details are very rich and loaded with symbolic content.

Remember, before getting out of the minibus to agree a set time with the driver to collect you at the same point.

The Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia.
Photo credit: archdaily     

The Palace of the Güell family near las Ramblas

This route of modernism in Barcelona by a rented minibus or coach will also take you to palaces as the Güell Palace (Palau Güell), one of the first assignments Gaudí received as an architect when he began to be known. Located in a narrow street that leads to Las Ramblas, it was the rich Güell family’s housing until they moved to the Park Güell, and therein Gaudí incorporated some of the elements that would make him unique, as for example the maximum use of natural light. Not in vain, the building has been part of UNESCO’s world heritage since 1984.

Façade of the Palau Güell

Façade of the Palau Güell.
Photo credit: loungeobviousmag

Going up with the bus to the Park Güell

The genius of Gaudi revolutionized the dwellings of the bourgeois, as you can see in the examples above, but he also changed religious architecture and even open spaces such as parks.

Visit park Güell as an obligatory stop for this route in minibus

The Park Güell is an essential stop on this tour by minibus, and since it is located at the top of one of the hills of Barcelona, you will be very comfortable if your driver takes you to the entrance of the Park.

Mosaic Dragon of the Güell Park

Mosaic Dragon of the Güell Park.
Photo credit: barcelonahome.

A walk around the park Güell with thanks to Eusebi Güell

The famous statue made of mosaic of a dragon welcomes visitors and announces that pure Modernist style will be found in a venue that seems to belong to a fairy tale more than to the real world. Originally the Park was commissioned by the wealthy businessman Eusebi Güell, who wanted a residential area for well-settled families in a large estate which he had acquired. A few years after its construction, in 1918, in view of the fact that it had not sold any plot, the space was donated as a public park by the heirs of the entrepreneur.

The Hypostyle Hall in the Park Güell

The Güell Park has many landmarks. One of the most impressive is the Hypostyle Hall, a beautiful mosaic covered colonnade, inspired on the Doric columns, but with a special angle that makes them look like undulating.

The columns in the Hypostyle Hall

The columns in the Hypostyle Hall.
Photo credit: courses

Stunning views of the city from the Park Güell

Stunning views of the city from the Park Güell.
Photo credit: voyagemonde                                                                                           

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