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Traveling to Oviedo and planning a touristic day trip or city tour with a private minibus, coach or other chauffeured transportation? Our local tourism experts, tour guides and transport service providers in Oviedo give you free tips on visiting their favorite attractions, restaurants, hotels, markets and shops.  Get also ideas and inspired for city trips and visits by alternative transport means such as walking tours, cycling, segway tours or round trips in tuktuks. Enjoy visiting the city of Oviedo.

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Visit Asturias / Oviedo in group with bus or minibus rented

The province of Asturias offers a wide range of opportunities for group bus tours. We suggest that your tour with private transport in a rented vehicle with driver around Asturias begin with Costa Verde so that you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery that Castropol, Viavelez, Navia and Puerto de Vega have to offer. After that you can visit Luarca, a traditional fishing port with a light house and beautiful cementery that is set over cliffs. Cudillero is another fishing village that is a colorful hamlet on the slope of the mountain.

A sporting event that is very important in Asturias and the rest of Spain is Descenso Internacional del Sella, a canoeing contest in which many countries participate. It is held every year on the Sella river on the first Saturday in  August.

The team

International descent of the Sell
The team credit:  ctrlw  CC BY 2.0

Travel to Beaches in Asturias

Visitors can also enjoy a minibus rental with driver for travel to the beaches that are found in the province. Your choices are Playa de Arnao in Castropol, which is near the port of Figueras and is protected from the wind, Playa de los Quebrantos in Soto del Barco with bars and recreational areas and Playa de Palombina  in Llanes with parking and a terrace to help you enjoy the sun and the sea, and  which can be reached by the A-8.

Playa de los Quebrantos

Playa de los Quebrantos  credit: Javier Habladorcito CC BY 2.0

Travel to nature parks of Asturias in minibus with chauffeur

For those who love nature, long walks and hiking, we suggest that you organize a minibus travel to visit Asturias’ parks. Your choices are Parque Natural de Redes with interesting fauna and where you can see grouse, cross rivers and hike wooded areas. Next you have Parque Natural de Somiedo with its landscapes and lakes and where in 2011 for the first time the Tour of Spain ended. Finally you have the Reserva Biológica de Muniellos which has varied flora and fauna, high humidity and a lot of fog and is consider a charming place.

No tour will be complete if you don’t visit Quirós y Teverga where you find the Senda del Oso a place where bears live with others in a semi-free environment. As well, because of its bicycle paths, it is an ideal spot for a bicycle tour.

Venau de los matos

Venau de los matos  credit: Alejo Concheso Calvo CC BY 2.0

Ideal for a guided trip by coach hire with driver of more than one day on N-634 is Picos de Europa, the first Spanish national park which was declared a Biosphere reserve by UNESCO. This is where you can enjoy and climb the mountain with the funicular, enjoy the parks, woods and prairies, visit the Lagos de Covadonga. As well you can contemplate the landscape from its terraces.Tourist in good shape and with strong legs can go trekking for several days on spectacular trails, which are perhaps the most beautiful ones in Europe. 

Lago Enol (lagos de Covadonga)

Lago Enol (lagos de Covadonga) credit: Rubén Iglesias CC BY 2.0

If you enjoy relics of pre-romanic art, you can organize a guided travel to San Julián de los Prados, Santa María del Naranco and Cámara Santa de la Catedral . 

Wine Travel in Asturias

Wine country is found principally in Muniellos. We suggest you visit some of the bodegas such as Bodegas Monasterio de Corias in Cangas where Monasterio de Corias wines are made, Bodegas Obanca in Cangas del Narcea, with its vineyards on the slopes of the mountains of Cangas and  Bodega La Muriella in Cangas where types of grapes such as carrasquín and mencía that are native to the area are grown, and where you can taste their wines and tour vineyards.


To taste try the rich Asturian cuisine, we recommend that you travel to  Restaurante El Cenador de los Canónigos in Cangas de Onís which offers a creative cuisine and has an outside terrace where you can watch los Picos de Europa; Restaurante Casa Víctor in Gijón with its classic cuisine and Restaurante La Nueva Allandesa in Pola de Allande with a traditional menu and a delicious vegetable cake.

"puente romano" de Cangas de Onís

"puente romano" de Cangas de Onís  credit: Tnarik Innael CC BY 2.0

City Tourism in Oviedo with coach rented for group

Definitely Do Not Miss

You can rent a bus for group in the city or in Asturias Province. A trip through the historic district of the city visiting the palace that are located there, such as El Palacio Velarde, where El Museo de Bellas Artes (The Museum of Beautiful Art) is also situated, El Palacio de Valdecarzana, which was built in the sixteenth century on La Plaza Alfonso II. Continuing on the path towards La Plaza Porlier you will find El Palacio Camposagrado from the eighteenth century with its arching pediment and broad eaves.

Palacio de Valdecarzana

Palacio de Valdecarzana  credit: Ángel M. Felicísimo CC BY 2.0

Iglesia San Miguel del Lillo (Church of Saint Michael del Lillo)

It is calculated that it dates to the year 848 when it was dedicated to Saint Mary. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was built as a chapel inside the palace by Ramiro I.

San Miguel de Lillo

San Miguel de Lillo credit: amateur photography by mi CC BY 2.0

Jardines de la Virgen de Covadonga (Gardens of the Virgin of Covadonga)

An extremely beautiful place to take a stroll, take it easy, and enjoy the trees, flowers, fountains, and lakes. Ideal for relaxing, enjoying the sun and the free air.

In a minibus you can go on a tour of the historic district of the city, see La Catedral (The Cathedral) with its imposing tower which is the center of the medieval city of Oviedo. Its plaza is circled by a series of buildings of which one of the most famous is La Capilla de la Balesquida (The Chapel of Balesquida) dating from the thirteenth century. To the left is La Casa de los Llanes (The House of the Llanes), a baroque building which dates from the eighteenth century, next to which El Palacio de la Rúa or Marqués de Santa Cruz (The Palace of La Rúa or of Marqués de Santa Cruz) reaches skyward, originating in the fifteenth century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the city thanks to the fact that it survived the fire that Oviedo suffered in 1522.

Teatro Campoamor

Tthis building is a symbol of the city; it’s located on Pelayo Street across from la Plaza de la Escandalera. Every year the famous Prince of Asturias Award is presented in this theatre. This building takes up an entire city block and was opened in 1892. At nighttime the illumination of the building is really something special.

Espacio Buenavista

Located inside a magnificent structure that Spanish architect Calatrava is undertaking in the city. Once finished, there will be a Convention Center, but so far only the lower floor has been opened. The lower floor has an extensive shopping center with shops of every kind, cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets. This building is located in the middle of the city on Arturo Álvarez Buylla Street.

Al Fondo Hay Sitio (There Are Seats in the Back)

This is the name of a tavern that turns into a bar with music at nighttime; it’s located in the city’s historic district on Oscura Street. This very popular tavern has a very peculiar décor: the tables have fruit baskets to whet your appetite and the walls are completely full of all kinds of objects, including an antique bicycle, and in the bar there are several plates with food and dessert. This place is worth visiting.

Restaurant La Chalana

Located on Estación de Viella Highway in downtown. Seafood is always the star of the menu at this restaurant. You can have a great meal without busting your wallet here. They have a hard cider dispenser inside. Since this is a very popular place with a stellar reputation, we recommend making a reservation prior to showing up for lunch or dinner because it’s always packed inside.

Valdés Palace Street (Calle Palacio Valdés)

This is one of the busiest, most centrally-located streets in the city; it’s a pedestrian street and it’s replete with shops of every kind. This street is rather wide and the middle is full of the terraces of different cafes and bars. Take a walk and go shopping, then rest a moment at one of the terraces to enjoy a coffee before continuing your walk.

Please note that the above listed Oviedo city tour descriptions are merely ideas on ‘what to do’ and ‘what to see’. You can create your own according to the wishes of your group. To get organized by making your own travel arrangements and transport bookings for these tours.You can get started by using our transport quote form to compare offers for a minibus or coach hire in Oviedo. The form will also help to plan your tour schedule and itinerary for your Oviedo city tours and transfers.

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