Follow Woody Allen’s steps with a rented bus in Asturias

Woody Allen has visited Asturias on several occasions, he has received the Prince of Asturias Award, he has created movies in Oviedo, he participated in the cultural life of the region and he has left his mark on every nook and cranny. Do not miss this movie tour with your rented minibus or coach between Oviedo and Avilés. An ideal road tour for movie lovers.

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I propose a movie-tour through the many visits that the New York filmmaker has made in Asturias. In the morning, we will follow his steps through the capital of the Principality (Oviedo) and we will get to know his favorite dishes; and in the afternoon, we will go on a short bus ride to Avilés, to visit the Niemeyer Museum of Arts and other locations of Woody Allen’s films .


Avilés, León, Gijón, Ribadesella, Llanes, Santander

Access: Oviedo is very well communicated from anywhere in Spain. With these GPS coordinates you can get directly to the street where your driver can park the bus. Oviedo: 43.363666, -5.842782

Parking the bus in Oviedo

The bus can stop only to unload passengers at the Jovellanos Street, opposite the Monastery of Pelayas. For boarding the bus in that street we recommend you to make sure that the passengers will wait for the driver and not viceversa. To park any longer, there are free zones near the Sports Palace or the football field. (For more information, please contact Mobility Oviedo on the phone +34 985 11 34 77)

Woody Allen in Oviedo, 2007

Woody Allen in Oviedo, 2007.
Credit photo: albertomorante

Woody Allen’s favorite spots in Oviedo

When Woody Allen visited Oviedo in 2002 because of the delivery of the Prince of Asturias Awards in the Campoamor Theatre, where he received the Award for the Arts, the filmmaker said: “Oviedo is a delicious, exotic, beautiful, clean, pleasant, tranquil and pedestrianised city.  It is as if it did not belong to this world, as if it did not exist … Oviedo is like a fairy-tale.”

These words can be seen on the statue the city of Oviedo requested the sculptor Santarúa to show their gratitude. You can find it easily in the center of Oviedo, in the street Milicias Nacionales. The statue is at street level and is very common to see tourists taking pictures embracing the bronze of Woody Allen.

Woody Allen with his sculpture in Oviedo

Woody Allen with his sculpture in Oviedo.
Credit photo: ayrehotelesyelpais.

Woody Allen liked so much Asturias, that years later he came to star, alongside other celebrities, an advertising campaign to promote the tourism in the Principality. Each time he comes, he stays at the Hotel de la Reconquista, a five star, which has an interior courtyard great for a coffee before continuing the road, where he also shot some scenes of her movie "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" .

Woody Allen and his family leaving the Hotel de La Reconquista

Woody Allen and his family leaving the Hotel de La Reconquista.
Credit photo: laopinióndecoruña

Image of the promotional campaign of Asturias.

Image of the promotional campaign of Asturias.
Credit photo: emigrastur.

Tour around the “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” locations in Oviedo.

The filming brought to Asturias, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall, who could be seen working on diverses scenarios in the Old Oviedo: Cathedral Square, Santa Barbara Transit Street, Bishop's Corrada, Trascorrales Square, the Fontan market and also on the Mount Naranco and the pre-romanesque church of San Julián de los Prados (Santullano).

In this map, you can see the different locations of the shooting

In this map, you can see the different locations of the shooting.
Woody Allen illustration: Nuno Gómez

Woody Allen and the Asturian food

Asturias is renowned for its cuisine, the traditional and the author one, for their meat and seafood, for its vegetables and legumes... but from all the dishes, Woody’s favorites is fish, and it was also where he ate for first time the barnacles, one of our best seafood (and expensive!)


Credit phoyo: mariscovip.

Restaurants for filmakers in Oviedo.

The day before receiving the Prize Prince Asturias Arts, Woody Allen ate near the Hotel de la Reconquista in Bocamar Seafood Restaurant, his favorite place where he has been for more than nine times. Information and reservation at

Bocamar Restaurant

Bocamar Restaurant.
Credit photo: infinitumws

Another of his favorites restaurants is El Raitán, where the whole Allen family ate our stew (fabada), the most famous and traditional dish of Asturias, and were surprised by its flavor and consistency, they also tested breaded potatoes, and a table of Asturian cheeses.

On the restaurants website you can preview an advertising spot with the Spanish voice that doubles Woody Allen.

Bookings Tel:+ 34985 21 42 18

El Raitán Restaurant.

El Raitán Restaurant.
Credit photo: elraitán

Asturian Stew

Asturian Stew.
Credit photo: cocinatradicionaldelnorte

Bus ride to Niemeyer Cultural Center of Avilés

Woody Allen has worked with this great cultural center in its cinematographic programming. He has also made here a preview of some of his films, "Cassandra's Dream", " You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" and of course, he has taken the stage to play his saxophone.

The Niemeyer Cultural Centre is an impressive building. They can perform many and varied artistic activities throughout the year. If you have time, come to enjoy the building and film events, theater, workshops, concerts ...

Niemeyer Cultural Center, Avilés

Niemeyer Cultural Center, Avilés.
Credit photo: niemeyer

Drive to the Niemeyer in Avilés from Oviedo.

By the A-66 in direction to Avilés / Gijón. Then merge onto E-70 / A-8-Avilés Coruña. Exit 406, then take the AI-81, to Avilés and follow N-632 to Exit 99 towards Avilés / Urban Center. In less than 20 minutes by bus you will reach Avilés from Oviedo.

Parking in Avilés.

I recommend parking in the surroundings of Niemeyer which has a public parking and then walk to the old center of Avilés in a ten-minute walk visiting its beautiful streets.

Woody Allen in Avilés.

Woody Allen in Avilés.
Credit photo:

Sites of Woody Allen movies in Avilés.

For the filming of "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" some of the main streets of Avilés were closed: San Francisco , Galiana and Plaza de Alvarez Acebal. The habitants of Avilés were not all very happy with the end result, because due to the logic of the script in the movie, these images were placed in Oviedo.

Galiana Street

Galiana Street.
Credit photo: trapatroles.

The favorite restaurant of Woody Allen in Avilés

In Avilés, Woody Allen usually eats at Casa Tataguyo in the Plaza Carbayedo, a well known restaurant where many celebrities around the world go, from which you can view the photos on the walls.

One day Woody went there, he ordered as snack: ham, sausage and croquettes and for main, a fish roll, an Asturian specialty that I recommend. For dessert, he took chocolate cake, but you can also taste our typical rice pudding, it takes so long to cook but it is eaten in a second!

Important to book a table on the phone + 34 985 564 815 or at their web form at

 Casa Tataguyo Restaurant, Avilés

Casa Tataguyo Restaurant, Avilés.
Credit photo: tataguyo

Rice pudding

Rice pudding.
Credit photo: asturiasenimagenesdo

Back by motorcoach or mini bus to Oviedo.

After dinner, you have to return to your city of departure. If you have hired a coach with video screens, you can ask the driver to bring you the movie "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" to see in the film everything that you have learnt today about Woody Allen in Asturias. And if you fall asleep while the chauffeur drives you down the highway, maybe you dream yourself into this movie playing the part of Penelope Cruz or Javier Bardem .


Text: Idere, an Asturian traveler.

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