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Types of Transportation to and from Pretoria

Coach rentals in Pretoria:

Renting a coach in Pretoria is great for two purposes. Firstly, for day tours or trips around Pretoria and Gauteng, a coach is one of the most cost effective transport options. Secondly, as Pretoria lies at the crossroads of Southern Africa it's the perfect starting point for a journey across Southern Africa.

Jacaranda trees in Pretoria

Jacaranda trees in Pretoria credit: Hein waschefort CC BY-SA 3.0
Jacaranda trees in Pretoria with the Union Buildings in the background.

Coach and bus rentals for tourists:

Around 10 different coach hire companies work from Pretoria and they predominately focus on the business market. As the conference and business capital of the country these companies have enough work to survive. They're also used to providing services to tourists. These companies have an excellent fleet of vehicles. Some people expect African coaches to be rundown and worn out, perhaps mistaking Pretoria for something they saw on TV about the Congo. Facilities are excellent and a range of 22 to 70 seater luxury coaches are available.

Rental prices for buses and coaches in Pretoria:

As a general guide prices will start at €500-600 for a mid-sized coach for full day hire. On our website you can compare quotes and companies from the likes of Rilanco Coaches on 42 Venturi Crescent, Bus Rentals on Emma Street, and Choice Tours at 5 Abrazo. Johannesburg and Pretoria have expanded to the extent that the two cities merge into each other so you can also look at our coach rentals Johannesburg page.


Luxury charters bus from SA Coach Charters & bus Rentals

Minibus rentals in Pretoria:

16 seater minibuses are the most common vehicle on Pretoria's roads. These are the local African Taxis and many of them fulfil all images of a bus journey from hell TV program. However, there are also some modern minibuses and a whole range of individuals and companies offer private hire 16 seater minibuses. We recommend using a dedicated coach company as you're assured of the quality, and a back up minibus being available if one breaks down.

Airport Transportation to and from Pretoria:

Pretoria doesn't have its own airport but the two Johannesburg airports are within 60 kms.

Black Pearl Tours Luxury Sprinter 17 seats

Luxury Sprinter 17 seats from Black Pearl Tours

Transfer between OR Tambo and Pretoria:

O.R Tambo (JBG) is the largest airport in Africa and the main entry point for foreign visitors to South Africa.  Check out the food stall for a real sense of how diverse South Africa can be. You can go from Bunny Chow (traditional Durban curry and bread), to pap and mass (Zulu and Xhosa speciality), rare steak, and the de facto daily meal for most locals; fried chicken.

From this airport a private transfer to Pretoria will cost up to R1000 (€80) and take 1-2 hours depending on traffic. A 16 seater minibus is normally only a little more expensive so it can be great value for a group. On the journey it's sometimes best to close your eyes as the traffic has a terrible reputation for inducing fear.

Transport between Lanseria Airport and Pretoria:

Lanseria Airport (HLA) is tiny in comparison to O.R Tambo. A transfer takes less than 1 hour and will cost around R500 (€40). Lanseria is situated in the middle of vast wilderness and for this airport transfer you should definitely keep your eyes open. Wild animals roam in the surrounding area, and the winding rural journey to Pretoria is a delight.

Mango Airlines Jet at Lanseria International Airport

Mango Airlines Jet at Lanseria International Airport credit: Namret CC BY-SA 3.0

Taxis in Pretoria:

Taxis in Pretoria:For both airports you can compare quotes for airport transfers on our website for companies like Pretoria Shuttle on Farm Rd, Speedy Ride Shuttle Services on 1115 Burnett St, and DeKar Chauffeur Services on 527 Charles Street. Expect clean modern vehicles and professional drivers.

South Africans have different definitions for the word taxi. For most people it's not a private hire vehicle but the cheapest available form of public transport. So when you see the taxi rank sign it's for an overcrowded minibus that will stop every 50 metres and smell of local sweat. Take them for an experience but not as a convenient mode of transport.

Private hire taxis are operated by chauffeur companies who are used to working with business and tourist clients. These pre booked taxis are comfortable and spacious, and are usually hired for half day, full day, or multi day hire. Expect rates that start at around R1000 – 1500 (€80 – 120) for a half day going around Guateng province. You can compare services on our website for companies like Rixi Taxis, Stop go taxi on 458 Manitoba Dr, and Exclusive Travellers on Zambezi Ave.

In Pretoria you'll also find taxis that can be hailed on the street. The quality of these varies wildly, and range from tiny old hatchbacks to new 8 seater minivans. Distinguished by a TAXI sign these run on a metre, although bizarrely, the metre is the same regardless of the quality of the vehicle.

NYATHI TOURS Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Johannesburgh

Mercedes Benz Sprinter from NYATHI TOURS

What to see and do in Pretoria

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa and the main business hub of the country. Its wide streets and huge forest of Jacaranda trees make it a gentle green city that's pleasing on the eye. Pretoria almost merges into Johannesburg and while it doesn't have a load of stand out attractions, it's a more relaxed place to stay than Johannesburg. Pretoria is a modern capital city but is engulfed by greenery. Walking around the central business district is pleasant and there are enough attractions to keep you occupied. Surrounding the city is a raw and rugged landscape where you can live out all your safari dreams.

Union Buildings:

Home of the South African presidency, the elegant Union Buildings are peacefully situated in a garden of greenery. President Zuma resides here and is famous for his no nonsense approach to debates. If someone disagrees with his policies, his regular response is to call them stupid or idiots that know nothing about South Africa. It borders on bullying but locals usually recall some of Zuma's own idiotic moments, like when he claimed you can't give a woman HIV if you shower after sex or when his anti HIV campaign involved stapling condoms to flyers.

Pretoria, Union Buldings

Pretoria, Union Buldings credit: Hühnerauge CC BY 2.0

Voortrekker Monument and Freedom Park:

The big cubed building that stands above the South West of the city is Voortrekker Monument and Fort Scanskop. These Afrikaan named monuments are the city's best preserved old architecture and afford stunning views over Pretoria. Picnic in the serenity of Freedom Park and admire the forest that surrounds this verdant city.


All around Pretoria is a landscape that teems with wild animals. It's easy to do a half day safari and get up close and personal with the continent's most famous creatures, including the big 5 of lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and wildebeest. But don't get too close. A group of Chinese tourists had their car flipped by an elephant when they annoyed him by taking too many photos with the flash. Some like Hartebeestport Nature Reserve take encounters to a new level by offering lion and elephant walks. These trained animals will walk alongside you, under careful supervision from the handlers.

Lion, Pretoria Zoo

Lion, Pretoria Zoo credit: Gloria CC BY-SA 2.0

Get into Nature:

Pretoria's beauty is its surroundings and the nearby hills are ripe for exploration. Visit the 1000 year old fig tree in the Wonderboom Nature Reserve or go searching for strange birds at the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary. Groenkloof is the second oldest nature reserve in the world and you can walk and mountain bike alongside antelopes and giraffes. Just don't try driving your coach inside; it's 4x4 only and there's a fine for getting stuck in the mud.

A trip across South Africa:

The Gauteng province has the main entry point to South Africa, so for most foreign visitors Pretoria can be an ideal starting point for a longer trip. From here the whole of Southern Africa awaits. There are many different routes to take; either North to Kruger National Park, Zimbabwe or Botswana or east to Mozambique, Swaziland, and the Wild Coast. Southwards bring the Garden Route and Cape Town. With a number of specialist coach hire companies in Pretoria, many people start and end their holiday here.

Yellowbilled Hornbills in Kruger National Park

Yellowbilled Hornbills in Kruger National Park credit: Stuart Bassil CC BY 2.0

Bus tour and travel info around Pretoria

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Pretoria recent bus coach hire prices and cost examples

Return trip by bus coachwith 15 passengers

The coach hire starts on 13-04-2018 in Pretoria, with a distance of 1,293 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Children between ages of 14-18. 11 children and 4 adults. its a fun trip to go see the beach

Average quoted per person ZAR1,292.00

Offer for a 22 seater with luggage space for 20 bags with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter (2011)

Minibus , Mercedes Benz, Sprinter, 2011, 22 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in Pretoria

Tour with various destinations and 8 passengers

The coach hire starts on in Pretoria, with a distance of 232 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: We are a group of 2 female faculty and 6 college students on a biology course trip. We will only spend the 2 days in Johannesburg area before our safari starts June 9. We will visit Capetown first, then fly into Johannesburg June 6. We will stay near the airport on June 6, at the Safari Club, and then would like to visit the De Wildt Cheetah Center and the Sterkfontein caves on June 7, being picked up at the Safari Club and taken to the Sun1 Pretoria after the tour. We will need to transport our luggage that day, one checked size bag and one carryon size bag per person. We do not need to take our luggage on June 8, but need to be picked up and dropped off at the Sun1 in Pretoria. We are looking for the best price and safety. We will need a lunch stop both days. We could eat lunch June 8 at the Voortrekker if the food is available. We are not interested in a city tour as such, but would like to have interesting spots pointed out if they are on our way. Will your quote include ticket prices? I did not understand how to include the request

Average quoted per person ZAR862.13

Offer for a 9 seater with luggage space for 9 bags with a Hyundai H1 2015 (2015)

Average quoted per person ZAR997.50

Offer for a 22 seater with luggage space for 20 bags with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter (2011)

Minibus , Mercedes Benz, Sprinter, 2011, 22 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in Pretoria

Return trip by bus coachwith 7 passengers

The coach hire starts on 10-12-2017 in Pretoria, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: Best price with driver

Average quoted per person ZAR439.71

Offer for a 22 seater with luggage space for 20 bags with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter (2011)

Minibus , Mercedes Benz, Sprinter, 2011, 22 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in Pretoria

Return trip by bus coachwith 10 passengers

The coach hire starts on 18-11-2017 in Pretoria, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: Hello. We are a group of 10 24 year olds. We have a wedding in Chrissiesmeer.

Average quoted per person ZAR399.00

Offer for a 22 seater with luggage space for 20 bags with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter (2011)

Minibus , Mercedes Benz, Sprinter, 2011, 22 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in Pretoria

Return trip by bus coachwith 21 passengers

The coach hire starts on 08-11-2017 in Pretoria, with a distance of 113 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: we are taking 16 children and staff to the planetarium. One child is disabled and we will need to put her wheelchair in the bus as well

Average quoted per person ZAR325.71

Offer for a 22 seater with luggage space for 20 bags with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter (2011)

Minibus , Mercedes Benz, Sprinter, 2011, 22 seats

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