Safe Payments and Pick Up Warranty

Would you feel better if we would include the options of safe payments on our portal? Would a ‘Pick Up Warranty give you and your group peace of mind?’

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Thank you for clicking on ‘Safe Payment’.

We are testing whether there is enough interest for our ‘Safe Payment’ and ‘Pick-Up Warranty’ services.

We would welcome a comment to our CEO via e-mail to:

See these explanations :

  • Safe Payment

You’ll pay the requested amount for your trip (normally 100% of your trip value) via the  RentAutobus platform and we will hold your money as a deposit until your service has started. We will hold your money until the transport company has started the agreed service and will release it to the transport company 24 hours after your planned pick up. This will give you time to react in the case of an ‘now show’ of the reserved vehicle and driver.

Please feel invited to share your thoughts about this service with us via e-mail.

  • Pick Up Warranty

This give you the warranty that your money doesn’t arrive to a transport company that fails to pick you (and your group) up. You can contact our customer service for any issue you would like to discuss or comment. The Pick Up warranty include us being on top of the local transport provider to assure you being pick-up at the agreed time.

Both ‘Safe Payment’ and ‘Pick Up Warranty’ are not operative yet as we are in the process of testing possible interests from our users. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We do appreciate a comment on these services. Please let us know via e-mail if they appeal to your needs and how they should work for you.

You can also contac our Customer Service department if you have any payment related questions.



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