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Marrakesh has been attracting visitors for many centuries. It used to be camel caravans but now it's tourists. It's situated in central Morocco and is surrounded by a ring of rocky desert and then the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

Marrakesh skyline

Marrakesh is surrounded by the snowy Atlas mountains. The views from cafe rooftops often take the breathe away
Credit Photo: Stephen Bailey

Types of Transportation to and from Marrakesh

Minibuses and coach rentals in Marrakesh

Tourism in Marrakech has always been dominated by minibus and coach rentals. For many years Marrakech was considered to be a magical destination, but one that was difficult to discover on your own. With bad reputations about being heavily hassled by locals, the majority of tourists travelled using private minibus and coach rentals. Budget airlines have meant more people are travelling independently but there is still a huge minibus and coach rental market for tourists to tap into. On our site you can compare companies like Olympia Tours, Kech Car on Anbar 2 Massira 2, and Imzi Tours Inter on Rue Yougoslavie. Would you like to rent a bus in Marrakesh? You can find a selection of bus rental companies with their profiles on our bus rental Marrakesh page.

eco voyages services mini

Minibus with driver from eco voyages services

Airport Transfer in Marrakesh

Try get a window seat when you arrive in Marrakech. On the right side you'll be treated to glorious views of the Atlas Mountains, and on the left there is brilliant brown desert and a panoramic of Marrakech. Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK) has flights arriving from many European cities and is large and modern. However, once you get outside you'll be bombarded with taxi drivers who want to rip you off. They'll charge obscene amounts for an airport transfer, even though the prices are clearly displayed on a government sign. Furthermore, taxis can't go in the medina, so they'll drop you off at the city walls and get a local to take your baggage by cart – a service you'll also be charged for.

Marrakech Menara Airport

Marrakech Menara Airport credit: Jason7825 Public Domain

Pre-booking an airport transfer in Marrakesh is seriously recommended. You can reserve or request transportation in the city of Marrakesh, where you can choose from multiple specialized companies, and you can request a size or specific type of vehicle. A driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall and there is no need for the endless negotiations over price. It offers a stress free start to your holiday and helps you think of Marrakech as magical rather than mad. Our site includes the details of different companies like Marrakech Airport Transfer, RoveMorocco Travels on Mhamid 9. Av Abraj Koutoubia, and Ligne d”aventure Maroc on Avenue Omar Al Khayam.

Car with Driver Hire in Marrakesh

With so many great day trips available from Marrakech there is a large market for car with driver hire. Prices start at around €70 for a full day and cars can take you into the Atlas Mountains, to the coastal town of Essouraira, and to spectacular waterfalls and berber villages. These are not taxis, they are private hire vehicles that are organised through tour companies.

challa freres

Car with driver from challa freres

You'll get a modern and clean car with a professional driver. Most drivers speak good enough English, although if you want a driver who doubles as a guide you'll pay more. Hiring a car with driver can be great value if you are three of four passengers, and allows you to stop at some stunning view points around the city.

Taxis in Marrakesh

Taxis in Marrakech can be summed up in one word: frustrating. They have taxi metres, but will rarely use them for foreigners. They should be very cheap, but they always inflate the prices beyond comprehension. They say they know your destination, but then will drive around lost for 30 minutes asking everyone they see. Taxis are almost synonymous with the annoying bad side of Marrakech. Fortunately, you should rarely have to use them, given the excellent public transport and good value private transport available.

Marrakesh musician

A musician plays with a live chicken on his head. The chicken is able to move to the guitarist's rhythm
Credit Photo: Stephen Bailey

City tours in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is an assault on the senses. You can rent a bus in Marrakesh for tours in the city or in Marrakesh-Tensift-El Haouz Province. Be prepared to be hypnotised by sight, smell, sounds, and the experience of getting completely lost and then walking around in circles without realising it. So where do you start? Here are a few iconic Marrakech experiences:

  • Admire the sunset from a cafe terrace above Jama el Fnaa
  • Get harassed by monkeys and snake charmers on Marrakech's main square
  • Visit the ancient palaces; one has been carefully restored, the other lies in ruins
  • Eat snails, sheep's brain, tajine, camel, and wash it all down with fresh orange juice
  • Get very lost trying to find your hotel
  • Get very very lost in the old madrasa
  • Get very very very lost in the souks
  • Stand outside the city walls and marvel at the age of the city
  • Enjoy a boutique hotel that is as charming as they come
  • Listen to the harmonic call to prayer from a dozen mosques
  • Drink innumerable glasses of mint tea with carpet traders
  • Get lost some more. Then discover that your driver has followed you into the souks because he knew you would get lost

Jama el Fnaa at sunset

Jama el Fnaa is Marrakesh's main square. For a great view of sunset head to one of the rooftop terraces surrounding the square
Credit Photo: Stephen Bailey

Bus tour and travel info around Marrakesh

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Marrakesh bus tour ideas and itineraries
Highlights, tips and attractions for Marrakesh by bus

Marrakesh recent bus coach hire prices and cost examples

Tour with various destinations and 20 passengers

The coach hire starts on 06-01-2016 in Marrakesh, with a distance of 1,165 kms , and a duration of 5 days.

About the group: School Trip. Students wish to see Islamic Historical Sites in all the main cities and maybe do one day camping.

Please give price for full 5 days mini-bus hire with English speaking driver.

Average quoted per person 123.50

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Tour with various destinations and 28 passengers

The coach hire starts on 21-07-2015 in Marrakesh, with a distance of 471 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: We are looking for vehicles with drivers in/around Meknes for group of 28 people 21-29 July and in Marrakech 29-30 July. Multiple vehicles is okay. We do not require transportation from Meknes to Marrakech, only within the 2 cities.

Average quoted per person 114.29

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Tour with various destinations and 2 passengers

The coach hire starts on 01-05-2015 in Marrakesh, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: At the moment I consider a small car with driver depending on the price. During 9 days we are planning to cover the different places from Marrakesh to Essaouira, Legzira, the festival of rose, and Merzuga. 2 persons.

Average quoted per person 522.50

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Return trip by bus coachwith 2 passengers

The coach hire starts on 06-04-2015 in Marrakesh, with a distance of 1,135 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: My husband and I are planning a tour to see the Erg Chebbi dunes, and would like to know an estimate for having a driver. We are in our mid-30s and would like to camp overnight in the desert. We are looking for the best price.

Average quoted per person 475.00

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Single trip in mimibus /coach transporting 2 passenger

The coach hire starts on 11-02-2015 in Marrakesh, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: 2 persons, traveling for leisure, one-way transfer from Marrakech to Merzouga. Looking for 'best price' but would still like to be comfortable.

Average quoted per person 263.39

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