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Grassinibus and its pullman gran turismo Mercedes 350 54 seater parked in front of the Victor Emmanuel II Monument in Rome
Photo credit: Grassinibus

Porzio & Ristuccia viaggi 18

Comfortable interior of the 18-seater mini bus Mercedes Benz Sprinter owned by Porzio and Ristuccia
Photo credit: Porzio and Ristuccia

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Autoservizi Troiani 52

Visiting Slavonski Brod (Croatia) the Setra S515 HD 52-seater coach from Autoservizi Troiani
Photo credit:

Roma Express Travel Service 20

Mini bus belonging to "Roma Express Travel Service" Mercedes Benz Sprinter 516 Sezer with 20 seats
Photo credit: Roma Express Travel Service

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Rome recent bus coach hire prices and cost examples

Return trip by bus coachwith 25 passengers

The coach hire starts on 27-05-2019 in Rome, with a distance of 78 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Motivo del viaggio Funerale a Fiano Romano.

Average quoted per person 19.80

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 30 bags with a iveco iveco (2012)

Average quoted per person 21.56

Offer for a 40 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a king long 6996 (2013)

Executive  Coach, king long, 6996, 2013, 40 seats

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Return trip by bus coachwith 108 passengers

The coach hire starts on 30-06-2019 in Rome, with a distance of 885 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: Gruppo atleti di pallanuoto CSEN

Average quoted per person 42.78

Offer for a 54 seater with luggage space for 54 bags with a beulas .eruostar (2010)

Luxury VIP Coach, beulas, .eruostar, 2010, 54 seats

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Tour with various destinations and 8 passengers

The coach hire starts on 01-06-2019 in Rome, with a distance of 1,148 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: We have 1 family tour who need transport with driver.
Total : 8 pax with 8 big luggage & 7 handcarry.
Please check our itin as attached. Need best price.

Average quoted per person 97.49

Offer for a 7 seater with luggage space for 7 bags with a MERCEDES VIANO (2014)

 Minivan - People carrier, MERCEDES, VIANO, 2014, 7 seats
Average quoted per person 232.38

Offer for a 16 seater with luggage space for 16 bags with a Iveco Iveco (2006)

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Return trip by bus coachwith 12 passengers

The coach hire starts on 06-09-2019 in Rome, with a distance of 864 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: drive about 500 km/day with multiple stops. Will cover driver meal and board during trip. Will sent detail trip after best quote

Average quoted per person 217.25

Offer for a 16 seater with luggage space for 16 bags with a Iveco Iveco (2006)

Average quoted per person 229.17

Offer for a 20 seater with luggage space for 15 bags with a mercedes sprinter 519 (2016)

Minibus , mercedes, sprinter 519, 2016, 20 seats

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Single trip in mimibus /coach transporting 13 passenger

The coach hire starts on 24-08-2019 in Rome, with a distance of 80 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Gruppo scout roma 68 per campo estivo

Average quoted per person 25.38

Offer for a 20 seater with luggage space for 15 bags with a mercedes sprinter 519 (2016)

Minibus , mercedes, sprinter 519, 2016, 20 seats

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Average rating of 4.45 /5 for 12 mini bus, coach hire and transfer companies based on 71 reviews

Average daily rental prices for bus and coach hires in Rome
Average lowest daily rental price 1,910.89
Average highest daily rental price 54,710.42

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rated by real clients

    • Porzio and Ristuccia

       Rating by from United States

      The quote seemed reasonable for the service we requested-transporting 24 pilgrims from Rome's airport to our guesthouse near the Vatican-and we had no reason to expect anything but suitable service upon accepting the offer. The rest of the experience did leave much to be desired, however, starting with seemingly more interest in getting the payments than in communicating necessary information. I had to ask for information that I would expect a bus company to provide; for example, Where at the airport would we meet? How would we meet? Would our driver be in the airport hall with a sign to lead us to our bus? What is the driver's name? phone number? (etc.) The answer for the latter: "We will provide name and number at 18:30 the night before pickup"-we were arriving at 10:30 in the morning, so for a group traveling from the USA, that time was not going to allow us to have ready communication...(while flying overnight) and then in the end, it SIMPLY DID NOT HAPPEN, so that we arrived at the airport with the only information provided to my other questions being to "leave the terminal, turn to the right, and walk to the buses area, looking for a sign with my name" (for the group) to determine which bus was ours. Two of us did that while 22 waited inside FOR over AN HOUR with no other communication forthcoming (as I texted we were waiting) and when finally thinking we might have to find another means to get to our hotel, (and be on time for lunch rsvp) the bus does arrive with a driver rudely acting as if he had been waiting for us!!--impatiently pointing to his watch, wanting everyone to be on board in a minute, etc. No apology for being an hour late after arrangements (and payment!) were made well in advance. It was a frustrating start to our Rome experience, to be sure. The trip from the airport to our CASA was fine, the driving fine, but the proximity for drop off to our front door was not what was expected. This we were willing to forgive if the street was "tight" for bus travel, but in fact a different bus later in the week was able to pull right up to the front gate without worry or complaint. In short, the overall impression we received was not that of providing service, but that providing service was an inconvenience for the bus driver! :( I was quite shocked at that communicated attitude; none of us on board had experienced that kind of late and unapologetically rude service before. If it is part of the Italian way of doing business, I would kindly suggest that a greeting and smile with an understanding that a group of pilgrims/visitors to your city come counting on your contracted service would give a much better impression! If you find transporting groups, being on time, and allowing at least five minutes for all to get on board is annoying (even though they have all waited an hour for you to arrive!), please choose another line of business! We are grateful that at least he eventually showed up and that at last we were transported to our guesthouse safely. If times are not honored per agreements, that should be communicated up front--for example, "the pickup time can vary up to an hour"--that would have helped tremendously for all of us waiting and wondering if there would be a pickup at all. Biggest need: clear, improved communication and assurance of timeliness per contracted service. Thank you!

    • Porzio and Ristuccia

       Rating by from Romania

      We had a wonderful trip to Rome and have received good quality service from transport company.

    • Porzio and Ristuccia

       Rating by from Sweden

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  • Porzio and Ristuccia

    We are all still in incredulous disappointment that an hour late with no apology, the driver's attitude was seemingly that we were inconveniencing him, annoyed, rushing, pointing to his watch as if 5-10 minutes for 24 people to get on board and their luggage in the hold was too much to ask! I trust Rome can do better by way of service and a welcome to first time visitors. Our group was polite, patient, and forgiving (if traffic or something else might have delayed--although there was never even attempt at that explanation or indication of apology for being so late) . Because of this experience, I could not in good conscience recommend this transport company to other international visitors. ...and couldn't find any reason to tip the bus driver as originally intended then either as "service" did not seem to be provided in a way expected. We pray for others to have a better expereince!

  • Porzio and Ristuccia

    Great drivers in terms of their skills and very professional service. On time both times from and to the Fiumicino Airport.

  • People Mover

    Thanks Christopher. You made our family trip to Tuscany and Rome very enjoyable.

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