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The airport of Trieste, known as Ronchi dei Legionari (TST), is located 40 kilometres from the city centre, namely a half-hour drive. To make the journey to the centre you will find means of public transport, of course, but given that it is a long journey and that it is likely that you go loaded with suitcases and bags, it may be more convenient to rent a minibus or coach with driver. Organizing a bus trip from/in Trieste city? Compare bus with driver quotes online and book the best option.

If you are a little more discreet but you also want comfort for your transfers, then the company Rg Rent, located in Via dei Cordaroli 23 in the city of Trieste may be an option. Born in the year 2002, Rg Rent has S-class Mercedes vehicles and BMW 5 as well as minibuses Iveco of 9 to 19 seats, if you are a larger group. Besides the service of transfer to and from the airport, they also offer tours and transfers to the ski resorts.

Autonoleggi Tiepolo
Segovia (Spain) touring with Neoplan Spaceliner executive bus 58 seater from Autonoleggi Tiepolo
Photo credit: Autonoleggi Tiepolo

Antoniazzi Franco

In black and white the mini-bus from "Antoniazzi Franco Noleggi autobus e taxi" Mercedes Sprinter Model Capri with 20 seats
Photo credit: Antoniazzi Franco Noleggi autobus e taxi


Mercedes Benz Touring bus with 51 passengers owned by -Alibus- traveling to Medjugorje (Bosnia)
Photo credit: Alibus

Barburini Bus Renato

Bus with driver rental company "Barburini Bus Renato" with its Vip Setra S 415 HDH 55-seater coach in Lourdes
Photo credit: Barburini Bus Renato

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Trieste recent bus coach hire prices and cost examples

Tour with various destinations and 6 passengers

The coach hire starts on 14-06-2019 in Trieste, with a distance of 874 kms , and a duration of 4 days.

About the group: We are 6 members visiting Croatia on a family holiday. My elderly parents who's age is 71 & 67 years, 2 grown up sons age 22 & 20, my wife and myself. We will have 7 big suitcases and 4 cabin bags. We are looking at comfort/luxury travel. Please quote for the Mercedes V class vehicle.

Average quoted per person 275.00

Offer for a 7 seater with luggage space for 7 bags with a Mercedes V-Class (2017)

Microbus, Mercedes, V-Class, 2017, 7 seats

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Return trip by bus coachwith 28 passengers

The coach hire starts on 02-08-2019 in Trieste, with a distance of 1,344 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: Gruppo scout di giovani adulti (età 18-25).

Average quoted per person 151.25

Offer for a 40 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a king long 6996 (2013)

Executive  Coach, king long, 6996, 2013, 40 seats
Average quoted per person 153.21

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 30 bags with a iveco iveco (2012)

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Return trip by bus coachwith 14 passengers

The coach hire starts on 21-07-2019 in Trieste, with a distance of 413 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: The purpose of the trip is to take 14 total people from the Venice airport to Autokamp Veli Joze D75 29 52475 Savudrija, Croatia. I couldn't locate the exact address on the first page. This is a summer camp for a group Scouts traveling from Spain. There are 9 Children (under 18) and 5 adults traveling with 1-2 bags per person. We are looking for the best prices, not comfort or luxury. Arriving to VCE @ 1805, 21 Jul 2019. Departing VCE 27 Jul 2019.

Average quoted per person 105.36

Offer for a 20 seater with luggage space for 20 bags with a Mercedes - Benz Sprinter (2011)

Minibus , Mercedes - Benz, Sprinter, 2011, 20 seats
Average quoted per person 157.14

Offer for a 19 seater with luggage space for 19 bags with a MERCEDES SPRINTER 519 (2015)

Luxury VIP Coach, MERCEDES, SPRINTER 519, 2015, 19 seats

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Return trip by bus coachwith 25 passengers

The coach hire starts on 05-09-2019 in Trieste, with a distance of 202 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: The group is about 25 active people about 40 years of age. Want to go for an excursion from Omišalj to Trieste and back. If the offer is OK we think about other trips as ( Plitvices lakes and Ljubljana)

Average quoted per person 15.00

Offer for a 37 seater with luggage space for 37 bags with a VDL Bova (2011)

Standard Coach, VDL, Bova, 2011, 37 seats

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Single trip in mimibus /coach transporting 16 passenger

The coach hire starts on 22-05-2019 in Trieste, with a distance of 304 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Gruppo di 16 o 17 persone, età over 50, motivo: transfer all'Aeroporto di Bologna per un volo già prenotato che parte alle 20.15. Per il veicolo, nessuna richiesta particolare, se non le dotazioni di sicurezza, l'idoneità del conducente , forse una sosta per necessità fisiologiche. Ogni viaggiatore avrà un bagaglio dimensioni cabina da max 10 Kg. Cerchiamo il miglior prezzo a queste condizioni. Se il preventivo sarà ritenuto adeguato dal gruppo, potremmo prenotare addirittura lo stesso servizio da Bologna per il ritorno (il 27/05) Io sono una componente del gruppo, non un'agenzia. Bianca

Average quoted per person 43.31

Offer for a 17 seater with luggage space for 17 bags with a mercedes-benz sprinter (2017)

Midibus, mercedes-benz, sprinter, 2017, 17 seats
Average quoted per person 49.50

Offer for a 16 seater with luggage space for 16 bags with a Mercedes Sprinter (2010)

Minibus , Mercedes , Sprinter, 2010, 16 seats

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Average lowest daily rental price 1,474.65
Average highest daily rental price 1,774.76

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