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The old city of Goa used to be a city of 200,000 people. But that was back in the 17th century. Now it's more like a cute village full of atmospheric architecture and a blend of Portuguese and Indian influences. Though our website you can organise all your ground transportation needs in Goa, including minibus and coach hire, taxi hire, and car with driver hire.

Goa is a small state and almost everywhere can be reached within one hour drive of old Goa. Travel and vehicle rental companies work across the whole region so wherever you plan to stay you'll have similar options.

Church of St Francis of Assisi, Old Goa

Church of St Francis of Assisi, Old Goa credit: David Jones CC BY 2.0

Types of Transportation to and from Goa

Minibuses and coach rentals in Goa:

Old Goa is located in the centre of the state of Goa. It's near the coast and just 9km from the state capital of Panjim. The majority of coach and minibus rental companies in Goa are centred on a small area which contains the state's most popular attractions. This includes the old city of Goa, Panjim, and the popular beaches of Calangute and Candolim. Rental companies are exclusively focused on the tourism market, both domestic and international, although there are only a handful of companies to choose from. These are usually car rental companies who also have a small fleet of coaches. Read more about Goa bus and coach rentals with a private driver here.

Paulo Holiday

AC Sleeper from Paulo Holiday Makers

Airport Transfer in Goa:

Goa International Airport (GOI) is an international hub for flights from across the world. Despite sounding big and grand the airport is actually a military air base, even if the local soldiers look like they've been spending too much time chilling with the hippies than cleaning guns. The airport is in Vasco de Gama, an industrial city that is an eyesore compared to the rest of the state. From Vasco de Gama it's just a short 20 minute drive to old Goa, and nearly all the destinations in the state are within one hour drive.

Meet and greet with the Goa airport taxi drivers:

At the airport you'll be greeted by a wall of taxi touts. Goan taxi drivers assume that every arriving tourist is loaded with cash. They often treat visitors like they're some kind of Arabian oil sheikh with suitcases full of dollars and fat cigars. Ask five taxi drivers the price to your hotel and they'll all offer something different, each based on their assumption of how rich you are. Continue to read about the various Goa Airport Transfer options here.

Water-logged fields close to Dabolim Aiport, Goa

Water-logged fields close to Dabolim Aiport, Goa credit: Abhisek Sarda CC BY 2.0

Taxis in Goa:

Goan taxis come in a hundred different varieties. The city is a blend of Portuguese and Indian, Christian and Hindu, and the local taxi industry has also been influenced with competing ideas. At the very cheapest you can ride on the back of a motorbike taxi. Want more comfort? Try a three wheeled tuctuc. From here there are ancient Tata cars with no suspension all the way up to 12 seater minibus taxis.

How much do you pay? Well, how full is your wallet. Each taxi requires negotiation and if you've got a long beard and a colourful t-shirt it's going to be pretty cheap. Taxi drivers know that hippie looking people don't have as much cash as those in white chinos. A short 10 - 15km journey should be around €5-6 while a whole day hire will be €20+. A fairer way of agreeing a price is to pre book. Our website contains the information of different taxi companies like Goan Taxi Service in Siolim and Fred Travel in Venelim. They will provide you with just a private driver for a transfer from A to B, a half day or full day transport service. Read our ‘taxi in Goa page’ to learn more. Or request a quote now for a private taxi service in Goa.

-airport--taxi-service-Sri Panchvati Travels & Tours

Airport taxi service from Sri Panchvati Travels & Tours

Car with Driver Hire in Goa:

Rather than a taxi, a more popular option for tourists is to rent a car with a driver. This is a more flexible service, especially for people looking for multi day car rental. It can be very cheap, and for €20 you can get up to 80kms a day and your own car and driver. This means you can base yourself by a beautiful beach and then travel each day to a different old town, beach, or set of Portuguese ruins. Alternatively you can get a hotel in the atmospheric city of old Goa and then spend the day on different beaches.

Car with driver services are offered by car rental companies and travel agencies like Angel Car Rental in Calangute, Joey's Car Rentals in Panjin and Mm Car Rentals in Margoa. More information on car rentals with driver in Goa can be found here.

What to see and visit in Goa

Old Goa is in the heart of the state of Goa and within one hour's drive you can explore almost everything the region has to offer. So where do you start?

Beaches in Goa:

Goa Beach

In Goa there are often more animals than people on the beach. Photo credit: Stephen Bailey

The uninterrupted stretch of sand is one of the reasons Goa became famous for tourism and all along the coast you'll have beaches where sunbathing cows are more numerous than people and if you want to drink cocktails with other people than try Baga and Calngute. For colourful hippies Anjuna has been a mecca for the last fifty years. And if you're a bald European guy who likes to wear speedos then some of the southern resort beaches are your best bet. However, if you want to chat up the cows with nobody else around then there are also kilometres of deserted sand both in the south and very north of the state. The best thing about Goa is that you can visit a different beach every day depending on your mood.

Old Goa:

Goa church

At night time some of Goa's churches are spookily illuminated. Photo credit: Stephen Bailey

The old city of Goa is the state's best attraction. If it wasn't for the beaches then it would be flooded with camera wielding tourists. But sun, sea, and drinking chai on the beach generally lulls people into hibernation and ensure they don't explore the regions's cultural wonders. In Old Goa check out one of the largest churches in Asia, the Se Cathedral, or the remarkable enchantment of St Francis of Assisi church. The whole of old Goa is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a status that commends how well preserved they've preserved the 16th to 18th century architecture.

Authentic Goa:

Fish barbecue in Goa

Eating grilled fish on the beach is an iconic Goan experience. Photo credit: Stephen Bailey

Around old Goa is a fascinating network of quiet roads and tiny villages. It's here where you'll find local Goan culture; old women walking to church, cows chilling beneath palm trees, and paint peeling off old stone buildings. At roadside cafes try a Goan vindaloo, one of India's hottest and most violent curries. Then check out a local market where women haggle for bananas and mountains of chilli are on sale. While the beaches are undeniably beautiful, the ease of connecting with local Goan life is often people's holiday highlight.

Bus tour and travel info around Goa

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Goa recent bus coach hire prices and cost examples

Single trip in mimibus /coach transporting 26 passenger

The coach hire starts on 28-12-2016 in Goa, with a distance of 677 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: Comfort and luxury. This is for our guests of our lives engagement celebration. Please provide contacts of reference customers, because we need a reliable offer.

Average quoted per person 3,144.62

Offer for a 27 seater with luggage space for 15 bags with a Bus A/c Coach (2011)

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Return trip by bus coachwith 16 passengers

The coach hire starts on 28-12-2014 in Goa, with a distance of 1,207 kms , and a duration of 3 days.

About the group: Travel for holidays, group of mixed age people.

Travel from Mumbai to Goa on Dec 28th and Goa to Mumbai on Jan 2nd

Average quoted per person 3,334.72

Offer for a 17 seater with luggage space for 12 bags with a Tempo Traveller (2011)

Minibus , Tempo, Traveller, 2011, 17 seats
Average quoted per person 7,550.09

Offer for a 5 seater with luggage space for 2 bags with a Toyota Innova (2012)

 Minivan - People carrier, Toyota, Innova, 2012, 5 seats

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Return trip by bus coachwith 6 passengers

The coach hire starts on 14-03-2014 in Goa, with a distance of 3,758 kms , and a duration of 4 days.

About the group: we are from the age group of 25-26 and are employed in a company. We just want to travel Goa by road so as to see near by places also and we love road trip too.

Average quoted per person 17,876.28

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Tata 2019 (2019)

Midibus, Tata, 2019, 2019, 30 seats

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Tour with various destinations and 3 passengers

The coach hire starts on 17-03-2014 in Goa, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: A group of 3 adults visiting india for the first time.

Average quoted per person 27,383.40

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Tata 2019 (2019)

Midibus, Tata, 2019, 2019, 30 seats

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Tour with various destinations and 14 passengers

The coach hire starts on 07-11-2014 in Goa, with a distance of 0 kms , and a duration of 0 days.

About the group: Group of 14 adults. Company incentive trip

Average quoted per person 3,545.61

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Tata 2019 (2019)

Midibus, Tata, 2019, 2019, 30 seats

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