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New Delhi is the capital of India and the main entry point for visitors arriving in the country. It's the main transport hub for the whole of India, and has a wide network of transportation services for tourists. But be prepared for some of the craziest roads in the world. New Delhi dates back 5000 years and there are attractions both old and new for you to explore.

Laxminarayan Temple, New Delhi, India

Laxminarayan Temple, New Delhi, India credit: PIVISO Dominio público

Types of Transportation to and from New Delhi

Minibuses and rental buses in New Delhi

New Delhi has around 10 companies specialising in minibus and bus rentals. However, it also has a large number of private operators who only have 1 vehicle and get their business through travel agents or booking agents. In New Delhi the minibus and bus rental industry is diverse, catering for students, businesses, family groups, and tourism. Those working in the tourism sector have English speaking drivers who can also act as local guides. Would you like to rent a bus in New Delhi? You can find a selection of bus rental companies with their profiles on our bus rental Delhi page.

18seater-interior Japji Travel

18-seater minibus from Japji Travel

Airport Transfers in New Delhi

Indira Ghandi International Airport (DEL) is 16km from New Delhi centre. It's the main international airport for India and transfer times to the centre depend heavily on the time of day and level of traffic. You can reserve or request transportation in the city of New Delhi and book your airport transfer through our form below. You can reserve or request transportation in the city of  New Delhi,  where you can choose from multiple specialized companies, and you can request a size or specific type of bus from companies like Delhi Airport Transfers in Janakpuri District Centre, Ocean Hugs Airport Transfers on Hari Nagar, and Delhi Airport Taxi in Dariyanganj.

While it's possible to go to Delhi centre by public transport it can be daunting to arrive in the bustle of India's capital city with all your luggage. Many touts will want a piece of you so pre booking transport avoids a lot of hassle.

Janakpuri CBD

Janakpuri CBD credit: Varun Shiv Kapur CC BY 2.0

Car with Driver Rental in New Delhi

A popular choice with tourists is to hire a car with driver in New Delhi. Your driver will also be your guide and can show you the real side of Delhi as well as the main tourist attractions. Many travel agents offer this service with prices dependent on the type of vehicle and experience of the driver. Why a travel agent? Most car with driver operators aren't big enough or technically savvy to have an internet or international profile, so they use agents to bring themselves business.

This is also a great option for a small group looking to travel the Golden Triangle. Prices can start from €20-30 for a day in the city. Quotes from companies like Driver in Delhi, Car Rental Delhi, and Delhi Rentacar can be compared by using the form below. Companies rate drivers on tourist feedback so you can expect very high customer service.

eclass Ajay Travels Pvt Ltd

Luxury car with driver from Ajay Travels Pvt Ltd

Taxis in New Delhi

The old stylish black and yellow Ambassador cabs are the mainstay of the New Delhi taxi industry. They're black with a yellow roof and green stripe. Taxis prices are set but taxi metres are often rigged and taxis might quote 10 times the normal rate to tourists. It's best to pre book your taxis through a reputable company, many of which are listed below. Most trips around the city will cost €4 – 6 while you can hire a vehicle for the whole day with prices starting at €30. In 2006 modern taxi vehicles with air conditioning and GPS were introduced to Delhi. These are more comfortable but slightly more expensive.

Many taxi drivers are independent and will take bookings from a number of taxi companies. In Delhi nationwide companies like Indira Taxi, QuickCabs and MegaCabs use a large selection of drivers to fulfil their bookings. There is also a female only taxi service, Cabs for Women by Women. You can request a quote for a taxi in New Delhi using our form.

City Tours in New Delhi

You can rent a bus in New Delhi for tours in the city or in New Delhi Province. Vibrant markets, great food, historic world heritage sites and meetings with locals, New Delhi is a city that will never bore you. It's most famous attractions are the Red Fort, Qutub Complex, and Humayun Tomb. However, you'll find plenty to explore in the form of markets, temples, and local life. That's why we recommend having a local driver / guide who can show you the most authentic parts, especially those you won't find in a guidebook.

A general view of the Humayun Tomb Complex in New Delhi

There are a number of attractions in Delhi and Humayun Tomb is one of them. Photo credit: Stephen Bailey

While the city's 3 famous attractions take much of the limelight Delhi has a plethora of bazaars, religious buildings and museums, which can keep you occupied for days. Like Connaught Place, the historical shopping arcade of Delhi or the vast flea markets of Janpath. Head out to the Baha'i Lotus Temple, shaped like 27 concrete lotus petals, or the white marble Gurudwara Bangla Sahib that's one of the Sikh religion's most important buildings.

Lotus Temple, New Delhi

Lotus Temple, New Delhi credit: Tim Moffatt CC BY 2.0

Jama Masjid is the largest mosque in India and you can complete the religious experience by visiting St Peter's Cathedral. Photo enthusiasts should explore the many monuments, like Rajpath, or India Gate which resembles Paris's Arc De Triomphe. But this is just a sample of the attractions. With so much on offer you could spend a week in New Delhi.

Exterior view of St Peter's Cathedral in Delhi

Religious people are greatly devoted for the St Peter's Cathedral Church in Delhi. Photo credit: Stephen Bailey

The Golden Triangle Route

The Golden Triangle route starts in the city of New Delhi. With attractions scattered around the city your tour guide and vehicle are essential to not wasting hours walking around lost amongst the metropolis. Made from gloriously red sandstone the Red Fort dates back to 1648 and is the city's main attraction. It's usually full of large groups of visiting school children desperate for a photo with a foreigner. They don't have a camera, they're just desperate for you to have a photo of them. Around the Red Fort is the manic Chawri bazaar, a market selling everything you don't need but feel compelled to buy. Fortunately the many ornate sculpted ceilings and Mughal buildings mean you can always find tranquility in the fort.

Chawri Bazar Road in New Delhi

Chawri Bazar is a very busy road because of it's famous market. Photo credit: Stephen Bailey

Bus tour and travel info around New Delhi

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New Delhi recent bus coach hire prices and cost examples

Tour with various destinations and 30 passengers

The coach hire starts on 05-12-2019 in New Delhi, with a distance of 2,524 kms , and a duration of 6 days.

About the group: We're from Thailand. Our company'll go to India (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) about 30 persons.
5 days 4 nights : Delhi 1 night / Agra 2 nights / Jaipur 2 nights
and we prefer to customize plan by ourselves.
we want a guide.
Can you send me a quotation all include-price about this trip.

Average quoted per person 4,474.40

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Tata 2019 (2019)

Midibus, Tata, 2019, 2019, 30 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in New Delhi

Tour with various destinations and 8 passengers

The coach hire starts on 06-03-2020 in New Delhi, with a distance of 453 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: 8 people (4 x married couples) aged between 50 - 60. Vacation tour of India (all legs being independently booked by me as i used to live in India). Each person will have a large suitcase and hand luggage. We want to Leave Jaipur on the Friday to Agra. Stay overnight in Agra and the after visiting the Taj Mahal go on to Delhi (final stop before flying back to the UK).

Average quoted per person 5,040.00

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Tata 2019 (2019)

Midibus, Tata, 2019, 2019, 30 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in New Delhi

Single trip in mimibus /coach transporting 24 passenger

The coach hire starts on 07-05-2019 in New Delhi, with a distance of 650 kms , and a duration of 1 days.

About the group: I want 25 seater Ac Mini bus for 12 days, please provide me the details of package, what is included and what not.
My Final Itinerary is attached below, please read it in details. Tour is approx. 3000KM.Please give me the Final Quotation for booking along with GST (as i required bill/invoice), it must include all State Tax, toll, parking, any other related to bus charges. i will not pay anything other than said payment.

My special requirement for bus facility is as follows
1. Bus Comfortable for family and must be in Good Condition.
2. AC
3. Puchback seats.
4. Curtains
5. Ice Box.
6. Mobile Charging point.

Average quoted per person 11,200.00

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Tata 2019 (2019)

Midibus, Tata, 2019, 2019, 30 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in New Delhi

Tour with various destinations and 6 passengers

The coach hire starts on 03-07-2019 in New Delhi, with a distance of 1,037 kms , and a duration of 4 days.

About the group: Hello,

Together with a couple of friends, we are looking to travel to New Delhi and the surrounding area. I am investigating possible options to get around, of which a minibus is one. We aim to look around, see some nice things. The route is as described above. We plan to fly back from Udaipur to New Delhi. What would this cost us?

With warmest regards,

Tom Rispens

Average quoted per person 21,493.33

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Tata 2019 (2019)

Midibus, Tata, 2019, 2019, 30 seats

Get me quotes for my coach hire in New Delhi

Return trip by bus coachwith 12 passengers

The coach hire starts on 25-02-2019 in New Delhi, with a distance of 481 kms , and a duration of 2 days.

About the group: 8 adults 4 kids all aged 3 under. All with suitcases/ luggage

Average quoted per person 2,800.00

Offer for a 30 seater with luggage space for 35 bags with a Tata 2019 (2019)

Midibus, Tata, 2019, 2019, 30 seats

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