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Explore the magical state of Delhi with private transport

India and specially Delhi can be hectic for tourist who are used to more quiet surroundings or for those who have just landed.

Delhi, India

Delhi, India credit: Russ Bowling CC BY 2.0

Find peace of mind in Dehli thanks to private transport

India has a mythical almost magical feel, and nowhere is this more epitomised than the state of Delhi. Yes, this state is home to a busy capital city. But it's got more than enough traditional sights to get the heart racing and let the mind know that you're truly in the middle of India. In such a busy and confusing state it's also good to have private transport that helps you avoid the worst of the madness.

Qutab Minar, snakes and your private driver

Check this video so you can tell your chauffeur where to take you. Mehar Chand Market is where you go to haggle for spices, while the Friday Mosque is India's most famous Islamic monument. Find snake charmers on any corner, for example one of them beside a market, and the other doing his work in an urban car park!. Check out the narrow streets of Old Delhi, and then check out the traditional mode of transport; a bicycle rickshaw! After the snake charmer has got his cobra to rise to attention you might need some peace and quit. Head to the Qutab Minar. This was the tallest building in the world – 800 years ago – and it often surprisingly slips off the tourist radar.


About Delhi Province

Delhi is a large metropolitan region that includes India's capital city New Delhi, said to be over 5000 years old. It's full of history dating to numerous different periods of time. But it's not just about the past. New Delhi has thriving areas of nightlife, temples, and students. It's also the start and end point of the famous Golden Triangle, India's most popular tourist route. As this province has lots touristic activity ground transportation service companies in Delhi are widely available.

Transport and Travel Connections in Delhi Province

As a central capital city Delhi has the best transport connections in the whole of India. You can take a direct train, plane, or bus here from pretty much anywhere in the country. Delhi airport is the main entry point for foreign visitors coming to India. Roads within Delhi Province are chaotic and crowded. While they're kept in a passable condition the sheer volume of traffic is frustrating and nerve wracking in equal measure.

sharma tour and travels -cars

Cars with driver from sharma tour and travels

Travel by Plane

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) has 6 terminals and is the main entry point for foreign visitors coming to India. Located 16km from New Delhi city centre a transfer will take around 30 minutes, but longer during rush hour. Delhi receives millions of foreign visitors every year and ground transportation service companies in Delhi are widely available. Travel agents also offer transport services and almost everybody working in the tourism industry speaks English. You can compare travel and transport companies and pre book your airport transfer using our tool below.

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport credit: Prasad Pillai CC BY 2.0

Travel by Train

Delhi is India's main railway hub and you can find direct trains arriving here from all corners and cities in the country. Some of the long distance trains terminating here are among the few that have 1st class cabin sleepers, perfect for those wishing to do the Indian rail journey in style. From Delhi station it takes 3 hours to Agra, 4 hours to Jaipur, 16-20 hours to Mumbai, and around a full day to reach Kochi. But if you travel first class and watch India's diverse scenery change you might wish the train journey never ends.

Travel by Road

Mad. Crazy. Insane. There are various cliches to describe New Delhi's roads but when you experience them first hand you'll struggle to find a descriptor dissimilar to these. All vehicles bare multiple scars, and drivers have an innate way of accelerating and swerving to beat the traffic. Best leave it to the professionals and rent a vehicle with driver. You can use our tool below to compare quotes and pre book your car with driver.

Ajay Travels Pvt Ltd luxury coach delhi 41 seater

Luxury coach 41 seater from Ajay Travels Pvt Ltd

Travel and Tourism in Delhi Province

New Delhi is a fascinating capital city full of authentic experiences. It could also be the starting point for your tour with private transport in a rented vehicle with driver around Delhi, taking the Golden Triangle tour that takes in the Taj Mahal and Pink City.

Taj Mahal during a tour to the Golden Triangle in Delhi

Golden triangle in Taj Mahal is very famous for its exceptional beauty. Photo credit: Stephen Bailey

Tour with a private driver

Delhi is the starting point of the famous Golden Triangle tour. This is the most popular tourist route in India as it incorporates many of the country's famous attractions and can be easily organised. A huge number of transport companies and travel agents offer Golden Triangle trips, with vehicles ranging from large luxury coaches to estate cars with driver.

World Heritage Sites

Going back another 400 years  the Qutub complex is a world heritage group of Muslim buildings. At 72.5 metres the Qutub minaret was the highest building in the 1193. You can spot it from a long distance, but it's the intricate detail that make the complex so special. Every square centre metre is carefully carved and it's easy to lose yourself in the detail (luckily they'll be a photo wanting local to snap you out of it). Another world heritage site, Hamayun's tomb, was a prototype for your next destination, The Taj Mahal. While it's not as impressive as the Taj, you'll be able to get stunning photos without hundreds of tourists in the background. Finish off your time in Delhi with a banquet of vegetarian curries. Brave souls can ask for it “Indian style” i.e. with the full spicy hit reserved for locals.

 The Qutub Complex in Delhi

Qutb Minar and Alai Darwaza (Alai Gate), the entrance to the Quwwat-Ul-Islam Mosque credit: PlaneMad CC BY-SA 2.5

Agra and The Taj Mahal

It's a 3 hour road journey to Agra. The city doesn't have the same vibrancy or culture of Delhi but you've come for one thing; The Taj Mahal. No matter how many photos you've seen, nothing compares to your first site of this architectural masterpiece. How much do you love your wife? Shah Jahan was so grief stricken by the death of this third wife that he had the Taj Mahal built in her memory. Stunningly beautiful from all angles, the white marble reaches 171 metres high and took 21 years to build. The rise and fall of the sun causes the marble to change colour throughout the day and for best photos you'll want to get there at sunrise or sunset.

Delhi - in the golden triangle you find the Taj Mahal

When we move to travel in Taj Mahal then the easier way is through the golden triangle. Photo credit: Stephen Bailey

Cheeky Monkeys

Agra is swarming with touts and hawkers so it's also good to be with a driver guide. They won't hassle you if they know you're with a local. But another cheeky local might grab at your handbag; monkeys. Climbing all over the city, and living in the rooftops monkeys are as Indian as samosas or tuctucs. You're best giving them a wide berth as they're exceptionally cunning. They steal clothes from washing lines and only return them when a large enough bribe of chapati bread is thrown to them. Your time in Agra is complimented by 2 other world heritage sites, the Agra Fort and the Tatehpur Sikri.

You can put lipstick on a monkey, but its still a monkey

You can put lipstick on a monkey, but its still a monkey credit: Des Runyan CC BY 2.0
Trained monkey at a stop on the road to Agra from Delhi.

The Pink City of Jaipur

Heading west you'll enter the state of Rajasthan where the scenery immediately changes. Suddenly your travelling through semi arid desert and brilliant red landscapes. Jaipur is the Pink City, with its buildings distinctively coloured to match that of red sandstone. There are 3 huge fort complexes to explore, as well as numerous important temples. Govind Devji is the Lord Krishna's second most important temple, and you can make your peace with the monkeys at the Galwh Bagh, the monkey temple. Arguably the most impressive buildings are the City Palace, and the Water Palace that sits in the centre of Man Sagar lake. But Jaipur is overrun with monuments and glorious ancient buildings, so most tours stop for 2-3 days to ensure you get enough chance to take it all in.

There are also a number of “add ons” to your tour which can be included your itinerary. The most common is to venture further into Rajasthan to Jodhpur (the Blue City), the sand dunes and desert near Jaisalmer, or the City of Lakes, Udaipur.

City Palace, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

City Palace, Jodhpur, Rajasthan credit: Pablo Nicolás Taibi Cicare CC BY 2.0

Travel services in Delhi

You can plan group travel in Delhi with our online quote request system and plot your entire route. For example, you can plot the entire route of the tour we describe above.Travel in Delhi province has never been easier: start today!

Cities in Delhi

Travel services in Delhi

You can plan group travel in Delhi  with our online quote request system and plot your entire route. For example, you can plot the entire route of the tour we describe above. Travel in Delhi province has never been easier: start today!

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