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Whether you’re a tour operator, a travel agent specializing in group travel, or maybe an independent travel professional organizing a group tour somewhere in Europe or anywhere else in the world, you are welcome to use our site and service. We are your online tool for planning, comparing, and booking all your European and worldwide bus and coach rental needs.

Please use the form below to plan your trips or tours, post requests for quotes, and book your trips in various European countries.

What can you expect when planning your bus and coach trips?

We started our program in 2011 in Spain and plan to have coach-for-hire companies activated in all major European cities by the end of 2013.

If your group travel starts in a city like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Munich, or Rome, we will do our best to provide you with quotes from 3 or more coach operators.

By using our tool you’re able to compare the quotes based on price, bus type, facilities offered, age of the vehicle, number of seats, and last but not least, the ratings of clients who have used the services of these companies before you.

In Spain we’ve been in operation since 2010, and we have achieved nationwide coverage. You can ask for a quote and expect offers from transportation companies in any part of Spain. In Holland we hope to achieve nationwide coverage by the end of 2013. For those cities where we do not have any operators yet you can expect us to do our best to get you a quote anyway.  

If the information that our site provides you is not answering your question to your complete satisfaction, we will offer you our advice via our customer service department. For planning the route for your tour, comparing offers from coach operators, and helping you making the best choice, we’re here to help you optimize your group travels.

Should we have only 1 coach driver on our rental bus in Europe, or would 2 be better?

For a simple transfer or up to 8-hour day trip just one coach driver is, of course, good enough. If your tour is longer than 6 days and you need a driver every day, then you need at least a 2nd driver to give the 1st driver his legally required day off. If you plan to make long trips in a single day (more than 8 hours driving), you also need a 2nd driver. So imagine, for example, you’re organizing a 10-day tour around Europe and your bus service starts after breakfast at 8:00AM and ends after dinner at 9:00PM; you’ll need 2 drivers just to comply with European law. The extra cost for a second driver in Europe can vary anywhere between  € 30,00 ($39 or £24) and €65,00 ($85 or £53) per hour depending on whether the rental is taking place during the daytime, nighttime, weekend, or national  holidays; it also depends on the contract signed between the bus driver and the bus rental company.

 We plan to tour around Europe; what would be the best country and city to start at?

We recommend that you make a list of cities and places you and your group would like to visit in order of priorities.  Once you’ve done that, then make a route.

Start by defining your route according to the general regions of Europe that you will be starting and ending at, such as west to east, north to south, or southwest to southeast.  Then, once you have a general idea about the places you want to visit and an estimated date for your tour, you can send us your travel plan by email and ask for advice. We might make some slight modifications to your travel plan in order to help you get the best possible deal for your group while complying with the European law of drivers’ hours and resting times. We will check for different options to see if we can minimize extra costs for lodging and meals for the driver. Once we’ve done that, we can advise you on which country and city to choose to start your tour at.

While touring Europe should we choose a coach hire company from our own country or the country where our trip starts?

In most situations it’s wiser to rent a bus from an operator that is based close to your planned departure place. All communication will be in your own language, so you can discuss all of the details easily. In all likelihood, the bus rental company’s garage won’t be too far away, so it probably won’t be too time consuming to drop by to inspect the bus that they plan to use for your trip. You can even discuss all of the remaining details about their service if you want, and maybe make last minute changes face to face with the salesperson.

To have a driver who speaks your language (and the language of the group travelling) also comes in handy and will contribute to a positive experience for your group. Please keep in mind all of these advantages to renting a bus close to ‘home’.

But when should we consider a bus rental company from another European country?

For those tours or trips where having the best price is the most important criteria, it might be useful to check for offers from companies in multiple countries.  Let’s look at a few examples below.

The tour or route is ending far away from the place where it started.

Of course “far away” is relative and is in relation to the total distance traveled. Anyway, it means that if the service is done by 1 bus operator, he’ll need to drive home empty after dropping off your group at the final destination. A chauffeur driving with an empty bus is costly, so the bus rental company will include the cost for this empty distance plus meals and lodging for the driver in the calculation for your quote. Imagine your group flying in to Amsterdam and after touring various cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, and Milan, the tour ends in Rome; then if the bus is from Amsterdam, it has to be driven about 1653 km (1027 miles) empty to get home. In a situation like that, you might also decide to use two different companies from two different countries to drive your group. Maybe one from the Netherlands or France and then one company from Italy. You would not save on the total “empty distance,” but you’ll probably save the cost of a few hotel nights and meals for the drivers which can easily make a difference to your budget.

Another way to save money on “empty distance” is to choose a bus company from a country or city where coach rental prices are low during the season when you’re travelling. For example, in the summer months in the city of Madrid prices are relatively low while in the province of Girona you have high prices because of the busy coastal tourist season.

A coach operator has an empty bus which needs to get back home and can drive your group.

So imagine there’s a bus rental company from Barcelona which is ending its tour at Amsterdam Airport and then has to drive the bus back empty to its base in Barcelona. Imagine that your group needs to travel from Utrecht to Paris or any other place which is not deviating too far from the route. Since the empty trip back home for the bus was already included in the price for the group who left in Amsterdam, you can now get a good deal because the bus rental company can make an extra sale at almost no extra cost.

Planning coach hire for shuttle transportation or touring in Europe can be very simple or very complex, and the situations and examples above require significant insight into the dynamics of coach rental markets in the different European countries. We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions regarding the planning of your trip.


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